Deepstambh Foundation gets Video Enabled by PeopleLink

PeopleLink Video Conferencing Technology at Deepstambh Foundation, Jalgaon (Maharashtra)

Deepsthambh Foundation, Jalgaon on the eve of 2nd October 2015, launched PeopleLinkVideo Conferencing technology for their Competitive Examination Counselling & Guidance centers. These centers assist the rural and tribal students for competitive career exams on UPSC, MPSC, Bank, Railway, and Police Forces. Students shall leverage the visual technology by PeopleLink for communicating with the respective lecturers of the courses offered.

Astik Kumar Pandey, I.A.S. (CEO, ZillaParishad, Jalgaon), Nilkanthrao Gaikwad (Deepstambh’s Pioneer and ex Education Officer), Yajuvendra Mahajan (Founder, Director of Deepstambh Foundation), CA Prakash Pathak (Dhule Centre), Yogesh Raut (Project Founder, Deshbandhu Manju Gupta Fundation, Pimpalner), Baramati Agricultur Development Trust, Bapu Bangar (Sub Divisional Police Officer), S.P. Gaikwad (Vice Principal), Dr.Shejul (Principal) & PS Jadhav were present for the Inauguration.


With the help of Mr. Rao Bade (Head, Desh Bandhu & Manju Gupta Foundation for Maharashtra division) and Mr. Rajendra Pawar (Chairman, Agriculture Development Trust, Baramati) the remote tribal students will be getting this valuable and cost effective solution.

To achieve this connectivity, they will be using PeopleLink Classroom Collaboration devices and Software Video Solutions, said the Founder and Executive Director Mr. Yajuvendra Mahajan (Deepstambh Foundation).

Video conferencing has been enabled for motivating and helping the students in achieving best results in their competitive exams by learning complex concepts directly from the experts in the Industry. This is a technology enabled focus on the Education Growth for Rural Tribal community students.

Disclaimer – This is not a direct translation of the Deepstambh Foundation newsletter coverage. It implies the efforts & initiative taken by the Deepstambh Foundation by using the technology from PeopleLink.

About Deepstambh Foundation
The Foundation aims at providing Information required for the overall development of the youth, environment, inspiration, encouragement, support, guidance, supply of resources along with delivering quality education and guidance to rural bhaga paryanta. The focus remains on teaching the current generation of youth to understand the Indian culture and to learn the social responsibility. Read more at

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