PeopleLink gets Recognized as the Innovators in Promoting Unified Communications in the African Continent

PeopleLink gets Recognized as the Innovators in Promoting Unified Communications in the African Continent

According to the top market research companies, Video Conferencing is the top priority for any organization globally.

  • Are we able to manage Video conferencing using low bandwidth and help in connecting Govt.?
  • Do we know how to monitor the developments happening in the different parts of the world?



Those were two major challenges that we have been facing in the context of the Conferencing and Monitoring Project. PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd. has made a great effort to design and develop solution that is really useful and practical for professionals today. It appeared that applying the most advanced technology was not always the most efficient and practical solution for immediate use. So we introduced the technology step by step, in a way to ‘tame’ professionals. As soon as evidence showed that there were clear benefits and technology was perceived as user friendly to the user, we started introducing more advanced technologies and new devices (Cameras & Audio) and interactive devices, taking into account important factors such as safety and security of information.

After piloting the different solutions in different scenarios, the main results were that the organizations were frequently using PeopleLink Solutions for their communications using Low Bandwidth which are helping them in taking quick decisions and moving forward with a good pace in developing their regions.

In REACTION, we have been able to show that the technology had the potential to significantly improve processes in Govt., IT, Manufacturing, Hospitals and Education and we are proud to acknowledge that one of the Solution, the PeopleLink HDVC (High Definition Video conferencing), a system to improve Productive communication using low bandwidth and lot of Multiple features, has been awarded as "Innovators in Promoting Unified Communications in the African Continent" by the Africa Information Technology & Telecom Awards 2016 in GHANA.

Significant progress is being made to improve continuous improvement. However there are still some open questions, which are at the core of the next research steps, such as: How much do you think one can rely on monitoring systems? How often and under which conditions would you like to have a Video Conference? How much time do you think professionals should dedicate to monitoring remotely?

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