PeopleLink Participates at Crossroads 2014

PeopleLink Participates at Crossroads 2014 – Calicut (Kerala)

PeopleLink Participates at Crossroads 2014

CROSSROADS is an attempt to revive the importance of public architecture in establishing the social and cultural equity, by actively involving & participating in building this public realm. This platform gets the architects together with the organizations who wish to, engage with architects both on and off line, before during and after the event and gain maximum exposure across all elements of CROSSROADS to leverage their offerings for their architectural needs

PeopleLink shall address the collaboration concerns of the Architectural society with its eminent partner Kalite Audio Visual & Control Solutions under a common banner as part of the Joint Marketing Initiative of PeopleLink Channel Partner Program.

PeopleLink shall transform the lives of communities by creating a visual collaboration platform for the common man to interact & get expert advice on their residential projects. Our video conferencing solutions and services shall be displayed on the event floor by our partner. Architects and students will be able to witness the ease of exploring seamless video collaboration at a predominantly lower bandwidths.

Key Takeaways for the Participants & Visitors of this Event:

1. Understand emerges technological advancements in the field of collaboration to help architects, Engineers & Site Inspectors to achieve close coordination by having Real time Interactions Instantaneously.
2. Video Call center solutions for Real Estate Agencies to collaborate better with potential buyers and have joint meetings with the architects to get a real time update of their projects.
3. Achieve unmatched productivity by enabling various Project Managers to keep track of their ongoing Projects & conduct time to time reviews by reducing the Time to Market.
4. Streamlining and enhancing the quality assurance process, not only saves time and money, it reduces errors and improves customer satisfaction by video enabling the Users & Architects.
5. Next Generation Technology Exposition to the visitors.

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