Taking the Acoustic Advantage in Collaboration

Sounds Good: Taking the Acoustic Advantage in Collaboration

Taking the Acoustic Advantage in Collaboration

At PeopleLink we believe that the three pillars which keep the collaboration floating this includes Audio, Video and Data. PeopleLink has already started setting up a new drift in Video Conferencing Industry through its wide range of Products and Solutions, it now unfolds the importance of Audio in Video Conferencing through our Voice Collaboration series of Conferencing Devices.

Audio is always considered as the most critical portion of any conference. A distance collaboration session is only as viable and successful as the quality of its audio. Poor sound can quickly turn a conference into a frustrating experience, making it difficult if not impossible for the participants to concentrate on what’s being said.

I feel that in Speech, one can still tolerate some clipping or the loss of an occasional syllable, but time lag is intolerable to listeners during conversation. When the range of the voice is dampened and speaker identity is lost, calls are then no longer understandable. All these factors make audio quality an extremely important component of a video conference. A good quality audio which is audible, tenable and in sync with the video is all what is expected by the user to be choosing technology over a direct meeting.

The way audio is compressed and decompressed is a standard part of a video conferencing system, and if not done effectively can be a source of reduction in audio quality. Loss of some audio packets during transmission over the public Internet may also occur. Loss of audio packets in a lossy network can create a lot of disturbance, hence; causing the attendees incomplete information, failing the purpose of the call.PeopleLink audio encryptions are based on a methodical algorithm which offers a complete and seamless transmission of audio message even over lossy networks.

Echo is one of the most important elements that may cause disturbances in a video conference call, Echo is said to have been caused when a participant hears his or her own voice being transmitted from the other conference site, delayed a few milliseconds.

An acoustic echo canceler (AEC) prevents this type of echo. The AEC, which is necessary at each site of the conference. PeopleLink Audio devices have a full-fledged AEC feature to prevent echo at the other end. As a result, participants can enjoy uninterrupted, echo-free and productive conversations.

PeopleLink’s Audio devices are the ones that accommodates full-duplex operation and includes noise-free mic devices. These devices can compensate for acoustically challenging rooms. Below is the Audio collaboration range of PeopleLink which have got all the features embedded in them, which can accomplish a perfect Video Conferencing without any inconvenience from Audio disturbances.

PeopleLink PVC 50:

PeopleLink PVC 50 USB Speaker phone is a Portable, Plug & Play, USB based digital wired conference phone speaker which is ideal for high-end network video & audio conference. It is ideal for conference rooms and executive offices within small and medium business enterprises. It features high quality audio communication for crystal-clear calls, enhanced user experience, easy to set up and simple configuration.

PeopleLink i100p Conference Phone:

PeopleLink i100P audio conference phone, developed with built-in acoustic signal processing technology, automatically adapts to your meeting room, environment and the telephone network, provides high end effective business class audio conference with natural and crystal clear voice for all the participants. Bi-directional noise suppression>20db. Audio amplifier with built in speaker. Compatible with PSTN analog network. Automatic echo cancellation >60db. Optimized for up to 30m2 Conference rooms.

PeopleLink DUO Conference Phone:

PeopleLink DUO is a HD conference phone which is the new generation of professional audio conferencing. It contributes to the wider band full-duplex acoustic echo cancellation of 20Hz – 16KHz covering the human hearing range, assuring the business communication is always carried out in the high quality. The hardware for DUO is based on Dual-Core DSP of the best performance in the audio industry with the host frequency 1.4GHz that it can provide very high stability and reliability like industrial level. DUO is Powered by the improved technology, which includes the acoustic echo cancellation, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control, voice band equalization and intelligent microphone mixing based on multi-band spectral domain processing algorithm. Best for the conference room within 20-60m2 and supports 15 attendees. Supports USB VoIP and is suitable for PC, video system, UC communications etc.

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