Tele-Medicine Congress 2015

Tele-Health: Announcing an effective & efficient Video Collaboration platform for the healthcare fraternity

Telemedicine Congress 2015

PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd. Recently participated at the Telemedicine Congress 2015 held at Kolkata from 27th – 29th November 2015. The platform was set for showcasing the innovativeness developed for realizing the National Telemedicine Vision.

Primary Health care providers can consult the medical specialists for remote consultations. The Healthcare Providers can discuss patient cases, regardless of their location, and without the need to travel. Medical specialists can examine patients in remote locations when distance is a barrier, as is the case when patients live in rural and under-served Sub-Urban areas. This includes situations where the physician needs to directly observe the patient. Patients with limited mobility can receive medical consultations at home, or in their local primary care provider's office.

Doctors don’t need to have any equipment with them. Suppose in an emergency, If, the doctor is away from the site of need, and if he is the only one who can do that particular surgery, then just with a share of a link, the doctor can click and connect showing their live availability for the surgery.

Idea of Tele-consultation has gone to the next level. It’s not only about having multiple gadgets available and connecting them with pre-scheduled meetings. We can today connect any remote doctor within fraction of seconds with our latest technology that we have built. The Clientless WebRTC based solutions which are as easy as a click away, makes it the most effective and conducive technology option available.

Monitoring Live Feeds:
The doctor is able to view all live feeds of different monitoring equipment's at the same time to be much more aware for the consultations. The document scanning and sharing feature assists the patients to present their medical reports such as blood report, ECG report, X-ray etc., to be instantly scanned and sent during the time of virtual consultation.

Integrating with nearby Pharmacies:
While the doctors are doing the consultation, they can also connect with multiple pharmacies in the proximity of the patient based on the Geo-positioning. They could actually order medicines also right away through the portal and get it delivered at their door step.

This Health care Portal will help every single doctor available for consultation. Getting online to the Portal and creating a profile under particular specialization like Gynecology, Oncology etc. and updating their profile for easy review and access. There will be a special option for updating what all times and what all days the doctor will be available for consultation. This will help a patient to search different doctors, specializing in different majors and their patients who can choose the doctor, see their availability through online calendar and fix appropriate appointments online. When the request of fixing an appointment is clicked, it will send links to both patient and doctor at that particular time for video enabled Consultation. This happens after processing the payment through integration of a secure payment gateway.

Addressing the real time challenges to this Consultation method:
PeopleLink has provisioned an Intelligent Queuing mechanism which ensures that while being, in a video call with a scheduled patient at a scheduled time, there might be other patients requesting for a consultation with the same specialist. At this time, they will be automatically taken to a virtual waiting room where the doctor has a possibility of putting his own digital signage content like clinic video, presentations, etc to keep the patients engaged and informed about their turn for the consultation. This whole idea of a virtual clinic over the cloud and enabling any single individual doctor to do online virtual clinic practice where patients can come online and choose whichever doctor they prefer to is the most advanced setup for the tele-healthcare applications.

We have enabled a lot of live-surgeries using our solution which have proved to be very unique for doing a tele-consultation in a surgical room. The technology what we have is a built-In multiple camera support, which enables All the cameras with active videos for a doctor to view from a remote location. He is not only mentoring or giving a guidance over video conferencing just by looking at an endoscopy camera but also looking over a live feed of all the equipment which are aligned there. Even the local doctor who’s operating there has only to focus around the patients operating body, while the doctor sitting remotely can see the patients operating portion of the body as well as the other vital statistics in one single screen. Our Solution eliminates the need of an extra video mixer which can be very expensive.

Real Time Implementations:
We have already been working with SGPGi from many years on their Rural Tele-health project called “mHealth4U” as it’s an amazing concept designed by SGPGi where we came to know through one of their video testimonial how our solution was being used on our application by SGPGi, Lucknow. They have created a basic kit which includes a laptop connected with just a 2G data card. At such an extremely low bandwidth, the tele-health workers are able to provide connectivity for remote villages, without any major infrastructure setup. The mHealth4U Kit just includes a simple laptop with necessary battery backup with inbuilt camera, microphone and a 2G Data card with which they were able to do a live consultation with the doctors who were sitting at the City. So this actually showcases the real time implementation of visual technology being utilized for telemedicine to the remote villages were actually it is actually required.

Taking our Innovation to the next levels we shall be building a robot which will actually have all kinds of movements that can be controlled over a remote location from our video conferencing application itself. This shall prove to be a major step forward of the technological advancement in the telehealth & mobility enabled healthcare services. Robot ready healthcare delivery system, which can remotely be driven and controlled with an application driving the whole system. You can do a real time operation using these robots assisting the health workers who are available at the local place.

Augmented Reality:
Another major announcement was on our ongoing R&D on the realization of Augmented Reality. This is a new concept which is being explored by us to integrate with the Visual Collaboration. It is an exciting field which is being evolved with time. Concept of creating an artificial intelligence with a Video Collaboration system where the movement of a camera is focused on a particular body part, which in turn creates a 3D holographic image of the body part in the VC camera embedded inside the application. So that you can do a live surgery or live training sessions. The augmented reality concept allows you to have a camera focusing on the patient’s body and give it a 3D output or a Virtual image for doctors who are sitting remotely and also helps them in training the doctors in different locations. The algorithm is so strong that it automatically detects the body part being focused at and creates a 3D virtual image of that particular body part out of that system. We look forward towards this next generation technological advancement involving augmented reality for much effective tele-health consultations.

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