Video Enabling E-Court for Fast Track Justice

Video Enabling E-Court for Fast Track Justice


As the judiciary has many pending cases left behind, the process has become very slow because of various risks involved in the procedures and hearings for which many courts all over the world are looking out at new solutions every day. There have been various attempts and conferences going on around discussing Innovative methods like "promoting e-filing and video- conferencing" to smoother the judicial process and implementation of the e-court system to bring out the effective solution for the judiciary.

If implemented in the state by putting the best use of technology, the e-court facility will tremendously cut down the costs and time of trials besides the need for infrastructure. Such facility will only benefit the consumers as the trials will be faster and they will not have to waste their time travelling from one place to the other.

According to the latest news from Times of India, One of the officials said that "the technological challenges had been more or less resolved with the introduction of software-based video conferencing facility which just on trial basis from November has freed 3,000 policemen from the escort duty of 1,500 accused".

In synchronization with news from Indian Express and Supreme court’s finding about Video Conferencing for Courts & Jails Policy, PeopleLink has recently demonstrated an unmatched utility to connect the Sabarmati Prison, Ahmedabad with Kerala High Court (National Investigation Agency (NIA)) to produce 26 accused operatives involved with the terror attack from the 2008 serial blast case. PeopleLink Could accomplish the common objectives like Connecting the accused one remotely with the court over a secured platform, saving the cost and energy of deploying special security arrangements and also with a recording option of the hearing that made it ideal for conducting similar judicial trials for which they received an appreciation letter.

In reference to some cases in the past, during this special SIT initiated early this year to look into the case, officials ensured a fast track, effective and peaceful hearing for delivering justice by using PeopleLink Solution deployed at Kerala High Court.

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