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The term of warranty contract starts from the date of product purchase .You may be asked to provide proof of purchase as a condition for receiving service under warranty contract. If service is required, client agrees to make the Product reasonably accessible to Us. Products not reasonably accessible or cannot be safely accessed will be deemed to be outside the cover of this warranty.


These products are sold “as is” by for providing customized solutions to the customers and may or may not be accompanied by their manufacturers' standard warranties. Service support for the same will be provided directly by the third party manufacturers.


Should our technical support team determine a replacement is necessary, a replacement unit will be shipped to the clients who sign up for Advance Exchange warranty at the time of purchase of products.

1. AEW is an optional paid warranty service in addition to the normal warranty provided on sold products.
2. Customers will have 15 days to return the defective unit back to our repair facility to avoid being charged for the replacement unit.
3. Customers are responsible for the shipping and any insurance costs to ship the defective equipment back to our repair facility.
4. If We determine that the covered Product(s) is not repairable, We may replace the covered Product with a product of like kind and quality, not to exceed the original purchase price of the covered Product. The replacement product will be covered for the remaining period of the Service Contract.
5. If AEW has not been purchased by client, the products will be repaired as per the regular process.


Costs to transport the Product to Our Customer Service Center for service will be borne by the customer, including freight, Insurances, handling fees, applicable taxes and/or other incidental charges.


1. Normal maintenance, cleaning, tune-ups.
2. Cosmetic defects or damage (such as cracked cases and broken hinges) or defects that do not inhibit the proper operation and performance of the covered items.
3. To consumable parts, such as batteries or protective coatings that are designed to diminish over time.
4. Repair or replacement covered by any other warranty, service agreement, or insurance policy in effect at the time of the failure.
5. Repair or replacement due to failure to properly install, operate, maintain, or clean the covered Product in accordance with the local codes and the manufacturer's printed instructions, or from use in any combinations not approved in the manufacturer's specifications, or from any unauthorized modifications or alterations.
6. Loss or damage caused by accidental or intentional physical damage, spilled liquids, insect infestation, misuse, force Majeure, abuse or damage caused by unauthorized repair personnel.
7. Loss or damage to the covered product while in the course of transit, delivery, or redelivery.
8. Alteration or removal of the serial number or Damage caused by disassembly of the Product.
9. Damage resulting from software virus; or electrical wiring and connections in user environment; lightning discharges, power surge, humidity, fire, incompatible voltages, or any other cause not objectively ascribable to the manufacturer.
10. Units considered as "No Fault Found” ("NFF")


1. If there are any missing part(s), faults and/or defects which do not conform to the sales contract, invoice or packaging ("Defects") which can reasonably be discovered through visual inspections on the date of purchase or immediately thereafter must be reported within seven (7) days of date of purchase, failing which, no Defects will be deemed to be present at the time of purchase. Claims relating to such Defects must be supported in writing by; or processed through, the authorized distributor or retailer where You have purchased the Product.
2. We reserve the right to impose charges for services on the Product which are outside the cover of the warranty. We also reserve the right to decline to provide service where the Product is obsolete, no longer deemed serviceable or replaceable for any reason.
3. Products after servicing or inspections must be collected within three (3) months from the date of notification. We may dispose of the Product which remains uncollected after three (3) months, without notice to You, in any way We deem fit and We may also claim any damages from You including any costs for the storage of the Product. We reserve the right of lien for unpaid charges.
4. We shall make reasonable efforts to resolve the issues, however, Time shall not be of the essence as Our services can be inadvertently affected by factors outside Our control. We shall not be liable for any losses or damages howsoever arising out of delays, loss of use, etc.
5. If the Product or a unit, consumables, part or sub assembly requires repair, We may, at Our option and discretion, repair, replace or exchange it with an equivalent product, unit, consumables, part or sub assembly that is new or refurbished. We will retain the replaced part or product that is exchanged during service as Our property, and the replacement part or product will become Your property. Repaired, replaced or exchanged part or product will continue to be under warranty for the remaining Product warranty period .
6. The Product will be at the Customer's risk while in transit to and from the PeopleLink Authorized Repair Centre.
7. PeopleLink reserves reasonable discretion to determine whether any Product is or is not performing in accordance with the PeopleLink's specifications, subject to applicable law.

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