Create New Experiences

Digital Signage presents the perfect solution to make your business stand out. It is a software that enables you to upload a variety of images and videos, play them across multiple locations at once, and capture viewers’ attention. Engage audiences with attractive content, improve brand recall and boost sales. Educate audiences about your brand and share valuable information about your products.

 Digital Signage Centralized Control

Centralized Control

Control from Anywhere

Use Signage to upload fresh content, change playlists, set up a schedule for multiple signages across several locations using the drag-and-drop timeline.

Interactive Signage

Interactive Signage

Personalize Your Content

Pinpoint your targeting with facial recognition. Identify viewers’ gender and approximate age to promote products and offers most relevant to them.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Build Customer Loyalty

Circulate hashtags, run exciting campaigns, promote your social media feeds and get audiences to take an interest in your brand.


Increase Brand Awareness

Develop attractive campaigns that get customers to circulate hashtags, images and videos by integrating social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Boost Customer Engagement

Gain the customer’s attention, build their interest in your product by enabling product browsing, online shopping and interactions through social media integrations.

Measure Customer Traction

Know how many conversions your content leads to through performance analytics and engagement tracking.

What makes Digital Signage so effective?

Play Videos at Low Bandwidth

Digital Signage functions impeccably on optimized bandwidth, ensuring that users always have a smooth experience.

Go Paperless

Signage greatly minimizes the use of paper by digitizing your advertising campaigns.

Use Signage Offline

Signage can work without an internet connection. Play cached content offline and upload fresh content as soon as you connect to the internet.

Automatic Backup Server

In case the server fails, the backup server - Hot Standby - automatically takes off. This makes Digital Signage extremely reliable and running 99.99% of the time.

Talks With Your Existing Applications

Digital Signage can be integrated with social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, RSS feeds, weather apps, games and more.

Remotely Monitor Signage

Get daily reports on what content was played throughout the day on each Signage board. Get instantly notified if Signage does not play content as per schedule, or if any other issue arises. Grant different access rights to users enabling them to update playlists.

Access from Any Device

Digital Signage is a robust software that is compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops. You can pick up sessions where you left off from a different device. All software updates are automatic, and are compatible with legacy systems.

Grows As Your Organization Expands

Signage caters to the growing number of screens you set up across the globe. It helps you control thousands of screens from one location in a convenient way.

Get Started Immediately

A user-friendly interface enables users to quickly understand how to use the software. Any user can create content, schedule playlists and manage campaigns in just a few easy steps.

Quick Connect to Support Team

The team helps setup Signage for your organization, offers training, and provides support should there be an issue.

Customize Your Package

Signage offers predefined packages, but is adaptable in its pricing to develop a package that meets your organization’s specific requirements.

Ensure User Privacy

Signage’s privacy settings are flexible from an organizational level to an individual user level.

Ensure Data Security

All content on delivery is protected with AES 128-bit encryption, effectively minimizing security breaches and ensuring the safety of every user.


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