Real-time Interaction

InstaCast is a software that connects you with thousands of people at once. Conduct webinars, host town hall meetings, promote new products, and hold press conferences. InstaCast also helps expand your target audiences, build customer databases, and collect valuable feedback. Engage a worldwide audience and completely eliminate the cost of setting up at a physical location.


InstaCast’s intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to conduct webcasts.


InstaCast comes with presentation features that leave a huge impact on your audience.


  • Any device. Any operating system.
  • No downloads, no plugins. Connect instantly from your browser.
  • No login required.

Low Bandwidth

  • Host your Live sessions on the go.
  • Works perfectly even in remote areas.


  • PeopleLink software performance is in a category by itself. With the PeopleLink platform you candeliver up to 10Gbps from a single server

As Presenter, take centerstage

  • Preview slides during the presentation, make edits without the audience knowing, and choose whether to show or skip a slide.
  • Share your screen with all the participants in the webcast.
  • Share documents, images, videos, and PDFs with participants. Also share access to specific programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, without giving access to the rest of your PC.

Why is Hosting on

Distinguish your Brand

Incorporate logo to maximize the impact of your business via custom branding.

Host From Anywhere

Easy mobile access enables you to seamlessly host a conference from anywhere, at anytime.

Organize InstaCast Quickly

Send participants a customized link to join the webcast, they are not required to install an app to join in.

Increase Lead Generation

With custom registration, get the information you want from your viewers by setting the data fields they need to enter.

Give Effective Presentations

With screen sharing, show the audience slides, images, videos and other important content from your screen.

Explain Ideas Better

Draw diagrams, flowcharts and graphs during your webcast with the help of the Whiteboard.

Monitor Audience Activity

Know how many people attended the webcast, the time they spent viewing it, and their responses to polls and surveys via analytics.

Record and Save

InstaCast provides unlimited storage and anytime access for your webinars and recording sessions.

How does InstaCast create great experiences for your audience?

Attend from Anywhere

Participants can watch webcasts from anywhere, using smartphones, tablets and computers.

Share Data Instantly

Share images, videos and other important documents with viewers during the webcast via file sharing.

Allow Audience Data Sharing

Preview and grant access to participants who want to share images, videos or other files with the audience.

Know Audience Preferences

Get feedback from participants on important matters by quickly conducting polls and surveys. This can also help identify target audiences.

Record Live Sessions

By recording your webinar, ensure that viewers who missed the live stream can watch the video at their convenience.

Edit Your Webinars

Crop out dead time or parts of the webinar you do not want to show using editing tools. Finetune your recordings for future promotions or training sessions.

What makes InstaCast so effective?

Access Videos at Low Bandwidth

InstaCast functions impeccably on optimized bandwidth, ensuring that users always have a smooth experience.

Automatic Backup Server

In case the server fails, the backup server - Hot Standby - automatically takes off. This makes InstaCast extremely reliable and running 99.99% of the time.

Access from Any Device

InstaCast is a robust software that is compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops. All software updates are automatic, and are compatible with legacy systems.

Grows As Your Organization Expands

InstaCast is scalable and easily adapts to the increasing size of your organization - from a handful of users to thousands, it provides seamless experiences for everyone.

Get Started Immediately

InstaCast has a user-friendly interface, enabling users to quickly understand how to use the software. If lost, the built-in quick search option helps you on your way.

Customize Your Package

InstaCast offers predefined packages, but is adaptable in its pricing to develop a package that meets your organization’s specific requirements.

Quick Connect to Support Team

The team helps setup InstaCast for your organization, offers training, and provides support should there be an issue.

Ensure Data Security

All content on delivery is protected with AES 128-bit encryption, effectively minimizing security breaches.


Explore, step-by-step, what you can do


webcasting Features

  • Encryption Level
  • Storage
  • Host/Attend Meeting from Mobile
  • Edit Recording
  • Customizable Registration
  • Outlook Integration
  • Social Media Integration

Presentation Features

  • Max Live Video Streams
  • Attach Files or Links
  • Share Desktop
  • Share Applications
  • Preview Slides During Presentation
  • Multi-Language Interface


  • Deliver Live H.264 Everywhere
  • Use Any H.264 Encoder
  • Stream Live Adaptive Bitrate Content
  • Stream VOD Adaptive Bitrate
  • Protect Content
  • Deliver On-Demand Live H.264 Everywhere
  • Create Premium Viewing Experiences
  • Reach Unlimited Audiences

Help and Support

  • Remote IT Support
  • Live Training
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Video Tutorials for Presenters
  • Video Tutorials for Attendees

There’s so much more.

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