The Changing Trend of Video Conferencing Industry 2014


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The Changing Trend of Video Conferencing Industry 2014

Damanjeet Kaur

Damanjeet Kaur, Director Marketing, PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Today, video conferencing is the significant technological trend in the business, where the work culture is extremely dominated by meetings. The video conferencing trend is passing through an important change, evident by latest technologies to make the traditional cost-prohibitive technological innovation more reachable & more user friendly.

After a growth period stimulated by attention in high-definition quality and epitomized by investment techniques in multi screen immersive Telepresence companies, video conferencing advancement today is occurring on small displays like PCs, mobile phones, and Tablet PCs that employees use in their daily tasks. In reaction to this growing attention, providers not only have to show techniques that account for PC and mobile applications, they also have to make their conventional devoted room-based systems easier to set up at large scale.

The sprouting technologies and pioneering application setups have facilitated Video Conferencing to put on improved quality and lower costs. In the current scenario, there are three trends that are lashing Video Conferencing technologies forward; they are the lifelike experiences, ease of use, and industry-specific applications.

Today most of the companies are looking for methods to effortlessly bring interactive video conferencing abilities to any employees on any gadgets, and are challenging higher interoperability among vendor platforms. The mounting mobility trend is being replicated by video conferencing technologies which offer mobile video conferencing applications that can run on cross platforms across Windows, MAC and Ubuntu Operating Systems & even smart phones. These cross platform & mobile video conferencing applications facilitate the frequent business travellers to partake in video conferencing from any location.

The software based video conferencing technology is the running trend among the video conferencing vendors, especially with amazing flexibility, robustness, enormous features & ease of use. In countries like India, where Bandwidth is still a major obstacle restricting Businesses from availing the benefits offered by Video Conferencing.

However, highly advanced software based video conferencing technologies like PeopleLink work at 1/3rd of the bandwidth requirement of traditional hardware based VC setups, offering flawless audio and video on all networks including MPLS, VPN, LAN, VSAT, home broadband or even 3G Data Cards. At the same time it enables users to conduct high definition TelePresence grade multi-location video conferencing right from their Boardroom, Training Hall, Conference room and even their own personal desktop/laptop over the Internet. Further their cross platform OS, browser & smart phones support ensures users can connect without having to worry about where they are located or what platform they are on.

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