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August 2016



Video enabled LMS for better & smarter Learning

Amit ChowdryThere is a tectonic shift in the field of education wherein the conventional methods are being challenged by the technology led education systems. The Education Institutions are using various technological equivalents to provide the much needed differentiation among their peers, this includes the evolution of VILT (Virtual / Visual Instructor led training) culture, which stands synchronous to the cardinal principles of Education Policy of making our learning more accessible, equitable and qualitative.

PeopleLink’s Video enabled Learning Management Solution (VeLMS) provides a blended experience of in-class and virtual remote classes with the same impactful and engaging course delivery methods. The Industry has been moving towards the newer trends of providing virtual and technology led content over the Internet. Offerings like VeLMS being SCORM compliant ensure a universality in its course / content management along with the capability of integrating a Live Video over web to make learning fun and effective at the same time.

"We at PeopleLink have created an intuitive experience for the Educational Institutes called the Video enabled LMS to connect the learners with trainers in real-time and provide their engaging content along with the option of Live Video to bring realism in the virtual education methods".Amit Chowdry, CEO PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Experts from the Education Vertical have often stressed on the challenges faced by the Education Institutes in integrating their Classroom digitization with the content management which generally comes from different vendors. The need of the hour is to determine the most appropriate solution provider with a complete product portfolio, PeopleLink has a comprehensive product line of Podiums, Visualizers, Lecturer tracking Cameras, classroom audio setups along with the state of the art VeLMS which provides easy User administration, Universal Content management, effective and transparent Evaluation techniques along with seamless schedulers, feedback & competency reporting features.

The country currently is employing methods to have a larger base of skilled manpower for moving towards the eradication of unemployment issues. There are Institutions, both Private and Government initiated, which are starting their individual efforts towards skill development. The key to highest penetration and farthest reach out can be achieved only by the use of Video. The Government is trending towards having customizable solutions which have the flexibility of effective and dynamic content authoring in different languages to have a larger access base.

PeopleLink recently implemented one of the largest Video deployments for IIT Gandhinagar with around 800 Port connectivity. The Institutions of Higher Education have been making use of these visual capabilities for conducting much engaging learning sessions virtually.

In another of our synchronizations with the Institutions included Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur which recently joined the race of firsts in creating virtual classrooms by deploying Video enabled digital podiums along with Document Visualizers with capability of conducting Live Lectures with distant and affiliated colleges using PeopleLink Video Collaboration.

It’s not only the educational Institutions but any organization with a training requirement is adopting the Video enabled learning solutions for training their students, staff and partners respectively. This not only brings down the cost involved in training but also increases the reach and effectiveness. Institutions have started using these technologies to initiate distance education programs, rural education drives, International Courses etc. Students can use these technologies & content to interact with the best of Institutions without the need of travelling and have an access to vast digital Libraries for accessing content to encourage self-paced learning.

"There is a new trend being adopted by the Universities wherein, they Live Video Stream their important functions like annual day, convocations or launch ceremonies which attempts at reaching out the larger student community, alumni and parents of the students. We ourselves have been associated with several such Institutions like, Integral University (Lucknow), Anand Agriculture University (Gujarat) etc for their streaming requirements". said - Abhishek Pratap Singh, Head Product Marketing & PeopleLink Managed Video Services.

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