Videos aren’t similar to other files .A spike in viewers during a live broadcast impedes the network. InstaView not only provides you with the tool to manage your video assets on your website and stream on-demand video efficiently across your network but also ensures FHD video conversion without compromising on the quality.

For sharing and storing video content, it is imperative to have a system competent enough to handle large video files and complex video streaming requirement. InstaView, is custom-made to put an end to troubles of a forceful video integration with the authentic content management system. It is an enterprise-class video management platform for managing, formatting , accessing, branding and streaming them to a varied range of devices.

The in-built video transcoding system and functionalities initiates device-related transcoding, based on the device profile (web/mobile) that allows perpetual video conversion. InstaView is completely mobile friendly and displays amazing cross-browser compatibility, making it compatible with all popular browsers.

Key Features

  • Full Screen Viewing
  • Slider functionality for forwarding/rewinding videos
  • Sound level adjustment
  • Pause/Resume video
  • Duration
  • Multiple resolutions such as240P, 360p ,480p,720P, 1080P etc.


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Solution Specifications & Features




Independent Section : Different sections for videos, photos, channels, users, watch videos, sign up, manage account, video manager etc.
Multiple Video Conversion : Converts multiple videos simultaneously without compromising on quality
FHD video : Supports 1080p video quality
Unlimited Video Handling
: Allows multiple videos upload and viewing
Easy to Operate : No technical know-how required for handling the portal
Responsive : Perfect for all screen types
Mobile Friendly : Can be accesses through all smart phones
Cross- Browser Compatibility : Compatibly with browsers Safari, Chrome, Opera, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer
Hassle-free plug-in / theme
: Easy installation of necessary plug-ins / themes without any technical help
User-Friendly : Easy to handle and navigate, completely user-friendly
Complete Boot Strap Support : It uses Boot Strap which means you can implement your codes with far more ease.
In-built Ad Manager : Ad-manager for easy monetization of the website
Well Structured Database : Database is cleanly structured and easy to work with
Highly Secure (Completely
My SQL injection free)
: Offering a completely secured website
Light Weight : Prevents website from being heavy, allows smooth and easy navigation
Secured Encryption : Encryption (min AES128)
Easy to Embed Video : Video codes can be used to embed in any website/page
You tube API : Allows playing You tube videos on the portal
Dual In-built Players : For better user-experinace on a website
Complete Photos Support : Easy to share photos on website
Creating Collections : Allows to create collections and add items to it
Channel Creation : Allows the users to create channels similar to You tube
User Profile Creation : Allows separate profile creation for each subscribed users which he/she can edit as per requirement
Social Platform : Allows sending friend requests, create groups, add users, block unwanted users etc.
Multiplayer with Skins : Act as a multiplayer user portal, where the users can have different skins
Email Notification : Sends email notification for registration, comments, published video etc.
Modules Help : Proper guidance for module installation
Playlists/Favorites : Allows users to add videos to the playlist or favorite list
Inappropriate Content Reporting : Users can report inappropriate content to the admin role
Private Messaging : Users are allowed to send private text messages and videos to each other
Complete Back-end Control : A complete back-end control for the admin role including user registration, video size limits, comprehensive video manger, user manager, stats
Comprehensive Insights
: Perfectly organized stats for easy understanding
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