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Instant Video Conferencing (InstaVC)

PeopleLink Launches InstaVC “One of Its Kind” WebRTC based Instant Video Conferencing Application that enables peer-to-peer video, audio, and data communication in a web browser with no plugins, frameworks, or applications required.

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Key Features

Ultra High Definition Video Conferencing
Unmatched Data Collaboration Suite
Ubiquitous Video Collaboration

Instant Video Conferencing (InstaVC)

Future of Enterprise Communication

InstaVC is a futuristic Video Collaboration platform for the organizations to achieve client-less and plugin free, real time communication which enables peer-to-peer audio, video, and data sharing between browsers. InstaVC offers a unique and unmatched multi party capability in the same suite of offering.

Seamless Interoperability

Connect with ease to the existing standards-based video systems while securing the prior investments made. PeopleLink ensures a seamless integration with the other Hardware based endpoints to conduct conferencing & presentation sharing to ensure much effective visual collaboration for your organisation with necessary licenses.

Complete Customized Integration

PeopleLink offers custom built Collaboration offerings with seamless integration with your web applications, ERP solutions and Video enabling call center and support functions of your organization with Custom InstaVC offering on your own network and premises.

Ultra High Definition (4K) Collaboration

Experience Ultra High definition video collaboration with PeopleLink's next generation software solutions, distinct team members can now connect visually with the ease of technology and optimized bandwidth. The Solution seamlessly transforms into a full-fledged Telepresence suite with additional modules.

Complete Specifications

SpecificationsModulesArchitecturesOther SpecificationsDownloads

SL. No. Features InstaVC 4.0 On-Cloud InstaVC 4.0 On-Premise
 1 Resolution Support  Upto 4K Upto 4K
 2 Telepresence*  YES YES
3 Continuous Presence Multi Party  Default 16 Can be customized >16
4 Scheduling meeting with interactive Calendar  YES YES
5 Customer Queuing / Standby and Agent Queue (Optional) YES YES
6 LDAP integration (Optional) YES YES
7 Application (in Video Format) / Desktop Sharing YES YES
8 Screen Sharing YES YES
9 File / Image / Video Sharing YES upto 1 GB YES customized upto 64 GB
10 YouTube Sharing YES YES
11 Collaborative White Board YES YES
12 Recording (Local) YES YES : Centralized - Optional
13 Individual Chatting (Private) YES YES
14 Group Chatting (Public) YES YES
15 Room Based Conference YES YES
16 Room Booking/Scheduler YES YES
17 Attendees List (Manage Audio/Video/Publish/Remove) YES YES
18 User Management / Room Management YES YES
19 One Click Conferencing Feature. (Email Invitation based)** YES YES
20 Multi Server Support YES ---
21 Hardware Acceleration --- Optional
22 Multiparty Conferencing (MCU) connecting from 2 to >10000 locations YES YES
23 Phone and Tab Support Android / iPad / iPhone Support Android / iPad / iPhone Support
24 Multiple operating systems (Linux, Windows, OS X) YES YES
25 Support for any WebRTC - capable browser. YES YES
26 Scalable MCU (Enterprise Version) YES YES
27 Intelligent QoS Control Mechanism (Adaptive Bandwidth) YES YES
28 VP8 and H.264 Realtime Transcoding --- YES - Hardware Based
30 RFC5707 Compatible YES YES
31 Dynamic BitRate Control YES YES
32 Protects the Conference Quality against the high packet loss and network bandwidth variance    
33 XMPP/Bosh Based Signaling --- YES - Hardware Based
34 IP Surveillance integration YES YES
35 Large Conference YES YES
36 API Integration YES YES
37 White Labeling YES YES
38 Customization YES YES
39 Interoperability with Legacy EndPoints using H.323/SIP* YES YES
40 Audio Bridging*  YES YES

*     - Additional features available in InstaVC-M
**   - This is an exclusive feature of InstaVC-R

Users looking at all the features in their UC Deployment may opt for InstaVC-H to get the combined set of all the features.

Video Conference Module

Large Conference Module

Training Module

Advanced Training Module

InstaVC- R

InstaVC- M

InstaVC- H

  • Video Codec : VP8 / H.256
  • Audio Codec : Opus / G.729, iSAC, iLBC
  • Firewall & NAT Traversal : STUN, TURN, RTP - Over - TCP / UDP
  • Encryption : SSL, SRTP, AES-128
  • Compatible Operating System : Andriod, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux
  • Compatible Web Browsers : Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera


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