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PeopleLink DUO product is high definition conference phone which is new generation of professional audio conferencing device. It is contributing the widest band full-duplex acoustic echo cancellation of 20Hz-16KHz covering the human hearing range, assuring the business communication is always carried out in the high quality. The hardware for DUO is based on Dual-Core DSP of the best performance in the same industry with the host frequency 1.4GHz that it can provide very high stability and reliability like industrial level. DUO is Powered by the improved technology which includes the acoustic echo cancellation, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control, voice band equalization and intelligent microphone mixing based on multi-band spectral domain processing algorithm.

Audio Technology :
DSP based Echo Cancellation : : >-65dB
Echo Tail: : 400ms
Bi-directional Noise: : Suppression purifies voice>-18dB
LEC : : - 25 dB, length 32ms
Voice Frequency Response : : >-65dB
Microphone Coverage: : 3m, Extension 5m,
Speaker volume: : Max 90dB
Packaging Information:
Main body dimension: : (L x W x H): 305x305x64mm
Expansion Microphone Dimension: : 10.0 x 4.0 cm
Box Contains: : Power Adapter, RJ45 Cable, USB Cable, RJ11 Cable
Audio for USB VoIP network:
Microphone Frequency band: : 20Hz - 16 KHz
Speaker Frequency band: : 20Hz - 16 KHz
Analog Line Network:
Microphone Frequency band: : 300Hz - 3400Hz
Speaker Frequency band: : 300Hz - 3400Hz
Environment and Specification:
Recommended Room : 20-60 sq.m
Working Temperature : 0°C - 50°C
Humidity : 0% - 85%
Reverberation time : < 0.4S
Noise Degree : < 48dBA
Power Requirement : 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz, 12W
Power Requirement : DC Output: 15V/0.8A
Certification : CE Mark (LVD & EMC directive); RoHS
Support Level : PeopleLink 1 year warranty with direct support.
Order Information:  
Product Name : PeopleLink DUO HD Audio Conference Phone
Part Number : PPU-PVC-CP-DUO

Key Features:

  • Wide-band acoustic echo cancellation with HD-voice, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control, voice band equalization and intelligent microphone mixing.
  • Best for the conference room within 20-60m2 and supports 15 attendees.
  • Four built-in and two extension microphones gather cover 5m.
  • Support PBX, analog line network.
  • Support USB VoIP and be suitable for PC, video system, UC communication.
  • Support recording.

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