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PeopleLink e-Desk delivers unmatched Interactivity among various digital devices with its ergonomic Desk design which allows you to collaborate with your partners, Customers and business associates with technological ease; it provides great productivity benefits due to its modular form factor, achieving easy mobility of the device.

Future proof Video Collaboration :

Seamlessly integrates with PeopleLink eLearning Suite & Lecture Capture solutions to secure existing and future technology investments. Users can avail an entire virtual Learning environment and collaborate with remote / distance learning students.

Widescreen HD Interactive Display :

View your content in sharp detail with a 19" LED tablet monitor. The 19" display features 1080p (full HD) resolution.

Flexible and Versatile :

A versatile interactive display works as a powerful presentation tool and supports video collaboration in learning space, from small classrooms or labs to large auditoriums. With the help of PeopleLink Video collaboration solutions, one can explore the comprehensive data collaboration features like presentations, documents, applications, web-sites and multimedia files, Built-In Whiteboard etc. and save your work for distribution for later reference.

Ergonomic Design :

The Featured ergonomic profile, comprising of a Desk structure, super structured with an interactive LED display for data collaboration & accessing optional PeopleLink eLearning & Lecture capture solutions, a centralised backlit control device with light touch glass panel capable of controlling projector lifts as well. The design comes integrated with audio amplifiers, speakers & wireless microphones to allow free movement of the lecturer / presenter in the classroom.

Tablet Monitor Features
Screen Size : 19” wide (48.1 cm) LED
Resolution : 1440 x 900
PC Connection : USB Port
Luminosity : 250 cd/m2
Input : RGB, DVI
OS : Windows 7 or Higher (Optional)
Sensor Method : Electromagnetic
Input Voltage : DC 12V, 4A
Power : 100 – 250V AC
Outer Dimension : 454 mm (W) x 320 mm (H) x 62 mm (D)
Digital Amplifier
RMS Output   300 W (150W x 2) 4 Ω
Mono Input Channel   Balance Mic or Line In
Stereo Channel In   Stereo Line Input
Frequency Response   20~20000 Hz ± 3dB
SN Ratio   > 80 dB
T.H.D   <0.1% @ 20Hz – 20 kHz.
Power   485 W
Dimension   420 mm (W) x 142 mm (H) x 345 mm (D)
Wireless Microphone Features
Frequency Band : UHF 900 MHz~
Frequency Stability : ±10ppm
No. of Channels : 34
Oscillation Method : PLL Approach
Receive Mode : Auto Scan
Squelch Way : 8 Step Digital Variable Squelch
Control Method
Audio Response : 40~20000 Hz.
Power : 12V / 1A
7” LCD Control Pad
Resolution : 800 x 480
View Area : 154 mm (H) x 92 mm (V) – 7 Inch
Interface : RS-232
Power : 12V / 1A
Gooseneck Microphone Features
Cartridge: : 20mm Condenser
Frequency Response: : 40~20000 Hz.
Polar Pattern: : Cardioids
Power: : 220 Ω
Connectors: : 3-Pin XLR
Packaging Information:
Package Includes: : PeopleLink e-Desk (Body & Top MDF)
: 19” wide Tablet Monitor
: Controller with 7” LCD touch pad & Laptop Interface
: Goose neck & wireless microphones
: 300 W Amplifier and Wall Mount/Ceiling Speakers Option
Support Level : PeopleLink 1 year warranty with direct support.
Order Information:
Product Name : PeopleLink e-Desk
Part Number : PCU-PDD

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed User Interface.
  • Lift Controller for various Customers.
  • Easy moving with special steel material wheel.
  • Monitor angle auto adjustment function.
  • Effective lessons through wired / wireless microphones.
  • High Quality Goose neck microphones.
  • Super structure composed with 19” LED Tablet monitor.
  • One year warranty.

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