PeopleLink MCU – H.323 & SIP Gateway Series

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Full-High Definition Video Conferencing

Achieve Ultra High Definition collaboration at Optimal Bandwidths

Unmatched Data Collaboration Suite

Share high quality, rich media across with the connected participants along with an exclusive data collaboration suite to make collaboration more interactive &

Ubiquitous Video Collaboration

Take your Collaboration out of the fixed office spaces. Connect with your teams on the fly from your mobile devices.

PeopleLink MCU - H.323 & SIP Gateway Series is the ultimate choice for Full High Definition (FHD) multipoint Videoconferencing. The most powerful FHD MCUGateway available, it delivers full continuous presence meetings with Multi Location Voice, Video and Data conferencing and is ideal for mixed vendor HQ endpoint environments.

Highly Scalable and Flexible

PeopleLink FX MCU Series provides FHD video and voice communications platform. This powerful, fault tolerant solution is ideal for the communication needs of large enterprises as well as service providers looking to offer video conferencing services.

Advanced Design

This is the most powerful and up to date MCU Gateway available in the Industry today. It is Compact, Simple and extremely User Friendly allowing you to do Large scale Video Conferencing from a compact MCU System.

Simple and Accessible:

PeopleLink MCU Gateway is one of most advanced engine which offer WebRTC Experience (WX) by acting as an MCU clubbed with H.323/SIP/WebRTC Gateway ( with additional WebRTC module) compatible with all PeopleLink MCU Series.

  • Communications: H.323, H.329, SIP, BFCP
    Video coding protocols: H.264, H.264HP, H.265
    Audio coding protocols: G.711, G.722.1C, G.728, AAC
    Video resolutions: 4CIF, VGA, 720p,1080p, FHD
    FPS: 1080p60
    Linux Support
Multi split screen
  • Maximum support 16 split screen, also supports 2, 3, 4, 5 + 1,9, 12+1 split screen.
  • Can switch a variety of dynamic split screen mode.
  • Support CIF, 4CIF, 720p, 1080p and other resolution of the multi screen mode.
  • Multi screen mode in each sub screen display content, can be manually, automatically and inturn three ways to select.
Venue name,
Conference subtitles
  • Support English venue name display.
  • Support static and dynamic text subtitles, you can adjust the color, background, transparency, speed.
  • Specify the venue to be controlled to achieve the remote control function.
  • With the use of multi split screen, so that the process of more naturaland convenient.
Firewall traversal:
  • Provide a new solution for cross firewall and NAT.
  • Support NAT dynamic crossing.
Device management:
  • WEB control.
  • Conference management software control.
Ordering Information:
  • Part Number: PIP-GTW-IGS-BU

Key Features

  • Full HD Business to BusinessCommunication.
  • Performance in a sleek, design.
  • Investment Protection.

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