PeopleLink i100P Conference Phone for Audio Conferencing

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PeopleLink i100P conference phone, developed with built-in digital acoustic signal processing technology, automatically adapts to your meeting room, environment and the telephone network, provides high efficient business class audio conference with natural and crystal clear voice for all the participants.

  • Full-duplex conversation, crystal clear voice
  • Optimal for up to 30m2 Conference rooms
  • Automatic echo cancellation > 60dB
  • Bi-directional noise suppression > 20dB
  • Directional microphone for Audio Enhancement (Optimal)
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Audio amplifier with Built In speaker
  • LCD with Caller ID.
  • Redial / Mute / Hold / Speed Dial Buttons
  • Compatible with PSTN analog network
  • Simple & Seamless Integration

Audio Features:
Speaker Volume : Max 85 dB
Response Range : 80Hz - 14 KHz
Voice Frequency Response : 80Hz - 14 KHz
Physical Characteristics:
Dimension : 300 mm x 63 mm (Dia x H)
Speaker Size : 3 Inch
Weight : 3000 grams (Package)
Packaging Information:
Package Contains : PeopleLink i100P Conference Phone
: Power Adaptor
: 8 Stand Cable Connection to Power Interface (8.5m)
: Power Cord
: 4-Strand Phone Line Cable
: User Manual
: Warranty Card.
Power : Auto Sensing Power Supply (220 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 15W)
Operating Temperature : 5°C ~ 10°C
Storage Temperature : -30°C - 55°C
Non-operating humidity : 20% - 85% (Non-condensing)
Recommended Room Conditions:
Coverage : 2 Room 30 m
Participants : 10 - 12
Reverberation time : < 0.4 second
Noise Level : < 48dBA
Host Interface : RJ-45
Network Interface : RJ-11 analog PBX or PSTN
Network Requirement : Compatible with PBX or PSTN analog network
Support Level : One-year Warranty with PeopleLink advance Replacement service Level.
Order Information:  
Product Name : PeopleLink i100 P
Part Number : PPU-PVC-CP-PST

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PeopleLink i100P Datasheet

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