PeopleLink PVC 50WS Cascade Conference Microphone

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PeopleLink PVC 50WS Cascade is a Portable, Digital wireless conference microphone which is ideal for high-end network video & audio conference. Device supports cascading upto 4 Units of PVC 50 WS wirelessly.

Turn Every Room into a Conference Room

Experience High quality audio communication with PeopleLink’s voice collaboration microphone speakers, convert your medium to large rooms with the ease of technology for conferencing. The Solution with its 360-degree coverage suffices the full-fledged audio needs of any conferencing requirement.

A Portable, Compact Design

Get the perfect solution for audio collaboration on demand with a compact and light weight design, an integrated USB cable management for quick set-up.

Ease of Integration and use

Plug and Play with ease to your Laptop / PC through USB and audio jack which supports connectivity with external speakers while securing the prior investments made on the Speaker setup of the meeting rooms.

Full compatibility for Seamless UC Integration

Optimal user experience with seamless integration with the leading UC / soft phone solutions. PeopleLink Video conferencing portfolio leverages the strength of PVC 50WS Cascade devices to enable, meeting rooms, educational institutions, and other vertical specific offices into collaboration ready work spaces.

Interface : USB 2.0 (full), 3.5mm Out
Frequency Range : 2,400 ~ 2,483 GHz
OTA : 5 or 2 Mbps Over-the-Air Data Rate
Additional Information
Remarkable voice quality, Easy to install and use
Up to 10 ft. microphone pickup range (Connectivity with External Speaker is shown below) Dynamic noise reduction
Recommended Room Conditions:
Reverberation time :  < 0.5 seconds
Noise level :  < 48 dBA
Packaging Information
Length x Width x Height : 155mm x 148mm x 37mm
Support Level : PeopleLink 1 Year warranty with direct support
Order Information:  
PeopleLink PVC 50WSC Series : PPU-PVC-AD-50WS-C
Two Units Cascade : PPU-PVC-AD-50WS-2C
Three Units Cascade : PPU-PVC-AD-50WS-3C
Four Units Cascade : PPU-PVC-AD-50WS-4C

Key Features:

  • Wireless cascading to upto 4 Units
  • Portable size.
  • Plug & Play.
  • Auto Echo Cancellation.
  • Built-In DSP.
  • < 48 dBA Noise level

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PeopleLink PVC 50WS Cascade Conference Microphone

PeopleLink PVC 50WS Cascade Datasheet

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