Video Conferencing Solutions for Banking & Financial Services


Video Conferencing Solutions For Banking & Financial Institutions

PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for Banking are helping the Banking and Finance Institutes (BFSI) to leverage streamlined operations, increased productivity, improved customer relationship and cost-cutting.

Video-enabled banking services

The banking sector is well-rooted into reliability. PeopleLink video conferencing solutions are helping them become more reliable to their customers. Our high-definition, cloud-based solutions are assisting banks in consultative selling and a better customer care. Telephonic communications fail to make a mark when you want to make a sale or even try to provide a solution to your customers’ problems. A face-to-face discussion matters the most when it comes to managing your customers’ wealth.

Managing remote meetings

Most banks and finance sectors have branch offices spread across the country. PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for Financial bodies initiates real-time communication to helps the employees of all the remotely located branches meet virtually, have discussions and come to a conclusion. This speeds up decision-making and contours internal processes. The multiparty feature helps to rope in multiple stakeholders from any location through any device available. Our custom-developed API’s allow the Call Center Executive to change the audio-video settings based on the current customer requirement, ensuring a much-improved banking experience for the customers.

Enhanced Relationship Management

Video Conferencing Solutions for Banking helps banks and financial bodies become more customer oriented in their approach. ‘Convenience’ is the keyword when it comes to customer satisfaction. PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions helps banks and financial sectors impress their clients by making wealth management convenient for them. Customers can connect directly with the Branch Managers/Relationship Managers via mobile devices,laptops or desktops to sort out the banking and financial issues. A/V collaborative solutions can also act as a digital signage for silvercasting the latest schemes to the esteemed customers.

Fund management cannot go without comprehensive collaboration from all stakeholders. At PeopleLink, we ensure that our video conferencing solutions channelize easy business conversation for our clients in the Banking and Financial Sectors.

Note - Market Projections made above are in accordance to Lucintel Global Banking Industry Analysis 2012-2017: Trend, Profit and Forecast Analysis.

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