Video Conferencing Solutions for Banking & Financial Services


Video Conferencing Solutions For Banking & Financial Institutions

Banking vertical which precisely includes segments such as Retail Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking, Asset and wealth Management, Broking etc, require strong collaboration tools to communicate effectively with their clients. There have been several cases of empowering the un-banked market. Financial Inclusion projects are on a high which offers banking to the rural parts with Limited Infrastructure & Bandwidth. PeopleLink enables connectivity to areas with low bandwidth, seamlessly to achieve business critical collaboration.

  • Customers of private sector bank / public sector bank can schedule a video call with the Branch Managers, Relationship Mangers or co-Branches instantly from anywhere and at anytime.
  • The call center representative can change the Audio Video settings of the remote user to help them with the best experience
  • Integrate existing web applications and online portals with the facility of video collaboration
  • Managed service for Banking Vertical can utilize real time streaming services for publishing their Quarter results, inaugurating their branches etc

Banking Information

Using MiVR menus, banking & financial institutions (BFSI) can create economical video accessibility sites that allow callers to access common or specific information, as well as view videos covering information or market analysis.

Data Collaboration

With our unique API’s developed keeping the banking operations in mind, each representative will be able to share the customer data while on the call with customer, mark or annotate temporarily to point out the details, share media files to enhance the experience of the esteemed customer.

Relationship Banking Over Video Call

Customers of the private sector bank/Public sector bank can schedule a Video call with the Branch Managers/Relationship Mangers or co-Branch instantly at their own convenience either from their desktop/laptop computers or Apple and Android smart phones.

Faster Transactions

Fix deposits booking, RTGS, NEFT and funds transfer can be done through a video chat with the Contact Centre executive instantly or arrange a video call with the branch manager/relationship manager to get it done.

Remote Settings

Keeping in mind that the users are from various segments and across different age groups, we have developed APIs so as the Call Centre Representative can change the Audio Video Settings of the remote user to help them with the best experience.

Banner Services

The main schemes of the bank can be broadcast in the video call to all the esteemed customers during the call. It is the Digital Signage inbuilt in the Video conferencing, a powerful tool to promote your most attractive schemes.

Note - Market Projections made above are in accordance to Lucintel Global Banking Industry Analysis 2012-2017: Trend, Profit and Forecast Analysis.

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