Video Conferencing Solutions for Defense and Military Forces


Video Collaboration with Defense & Military Forces

Defense and armed forces call for real-time communication and prompt decision-making. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with the most hi-end video conferencing solutions for defense. PeopleLink’s video conferencing solutions are completely customized to meet the requirements of armed forces, paramilitary forces, task forces, disaster management and risk management teams.

A highly secured visual collaboration platform

We understand that the defense communication needs supreme discretion and thus requires a robust communicative medium that is reliably secured. These platforms must be able to stage the high-security information exchange relating to various national defense agendas between different verticals of the armed forces. Our video conferencing solutions for defense offer powerful communication links during joint military exercises, rescue operations, and disaster management preparations. Seamless collaboration with IP cameras provides a hawk-eyed vigilance to secure the borders. The low bandwidth connectivity helps to reach out to the remotest border locations and also be the maritime collaboration for marine forces.

Interactive remote training sessions

Specialized operations of the armed forced are guided by comprehensive training sessions. Video conferencing solutions facilitated timely and engaging training sessions from experts across the globe. Thus, reducing the travel cost and promoting speedy operational moves to handle turbulent situations.

Reduced impact of staying away from family

A soldier’s life isn’t easy, the hardest part being staying away from the family. Its quite frustrating to wait for weeks to receive mails. Telephonic talks aren’t worth and are often scuffled by recursive call drops due to lower bandwidth. PeopleLink’s visual collaborative solutions have been quite successful in minimizing the homesickness impact on the armed forces. They can now ‘SEE’ their families, converse with them more regularly through high-definition video. Apart, from the high-end technological advancements that impacted remote communications for better; PeopleLink’s video conferencing solutions for defense have also acted as a great tool in virtually reuniting distant family members.

Note - Market Projections made above are in accordance to RnR Market Research on Military Communication Market 2015-2020.

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