Video Conferencing Event Services (Managed Video Services)


Video Conferencing Event Services (Managed Video Services)

With PeopleLink Video Conferencing Event Services, you can now conduct LIVE multi location single day /multi day events like Board Meetings, E-Learning sessions, Workshops, Trainings and Conferences at a short notice. PeopleLink delivers a perfectly executed high-quality video conferencing events with its technical expertise and its wide partner network across the country. This scenario in turn benefits you to strategically manage the costs and maximize value. We deliver an excellent video conferencing technology that works even on low bandwidth including broadband and 3G/4G Data cards. We can provide a high-quality Video Conference Solution you need for your important meetings and can connect even the most remote locations where no other video conferencing provider may be able to connect you.

Avail the end to end managed service for video enablement along with a dedicated marketing campaign to promote the same with PeopleLink Managed Services. Use Live Polling, Data Sharing and Live Chat to have real time feedback of the proceedings of the Service. Out source your Important Events & Celebrations to the best in class technology and trained hands & feet support from PeopleLink (or Partners) to look over their successful & timely execution.

  • End to End Managed Video Enablement of Corporate Announcements, Product Launches etc.
  • Interactive webcast for reaching out to the masses more effectively.
  • Virtual Visitation at Trade shows, Exhibitions and Expos to increase business opportunities.
  • Medium of connecting with your existing and ex-employees, partners and alumni during important functions.
  • Video Enable personal celebrations like Weddings and Anniversaries to connect with family.

What We Provide:

Full conference control and monitoring, Active participation in broadcasting, Audio and video LIVE content, Question & Answer, Moderation, Presentation, Best Practices consultation, Technical coordination, Resource coordination, Full conference notifications and invitations, Customized audio-video equipment planning.

Note - Market Projections made above are in accordance to Market&Market’s 2014-19 Global Managed Services Prediction.

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