Video Conferencing Event Services (Managed Video Services)


Video Conferencing Event Services (Managed Video Services)

PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Event Services brings in the most cutting-edge technology to handle your special events. Right from controlling and monitoring the conference, offering active participation in broadcasting, technical and resource coordination, handling notifications and invitations, customized planning of audio-visual equipment; our experts will have every aspect covered to perfection. We ensure successful and timely execution of your events.

Technology that minimizes cost and maximizes value

Now, it's easy to have a multi-location single or multiple day meetings, interactive webcasts, training and eLearning sessions with our Managed Video Services. You are able to have a zero glitch remote visitations at Trade shows, Expos, and Exhibitions to engage your probable customers, partners or other stakeholders. Have real-time feedback through Live polling, chats and data sharing. Our unique Video Conferencing Event Services work relentlessly even on low bandwidth or moves on uninterrupted with your 3G/4G data card. Get connected with your ex-employees, partners, alumni or even with your family on special occasions.

Better business exposure

The interactive webcasts, remote visitation acts as great promotional tool that fetches seamless exposure for your business. Your audience now have a proper platform to know more about your business which can eventually influence their buying decisions. You too can have the opportunity to act upon their live feedbacks, polls, chats to identify the current market trend and utilize the data for implementing the necessary changes desired by your probable buyers.

End-to-end stress free video enablement

Video conferencing is a alcove market with specific knowledge base.Managing remote communication and collaboration requires expertise and profound understanding of the technology.Not many are trained to handle video conferencing services. PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Event Services, doesn’t stress out your IT team. We have our dedicated industry experts to handle the entire AV networks, thus eradicate the stress of unproductive meetings, call drops and troubleshooting

Note - Market Projections made above are in accordance to Market&Market’s 2014-19 Global Managed Services Prediction.

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