Video Conferencing Solutions For Government Agencies

Video Conferencing Solutions For Government Agencies

The government sector is very vast and requires ample number of transactions and meetings with various ministries and government agencies, before compiling any peoples welfare program. Video conferencing solution allows the government sector to have real time collaboration with the concerned agencies virtually, without bearing the expenses that are required for physical meetings.

Video conferencing serves as an interface between the citizens and the government officials. Through this solution, the ministers or parliament members do not have a need to drive to their constituency, rather they can surveillance the human welfare programs that are being executed in their constituency by being in their place. Through this solution, the government officials can make a note of the issues or problems that are being faced by the constituency people.

PeopleLink's Video Conference technology can be used every day by every department and agency in the states, local and central government for countless applications. Our full range of standardized solutions enables workers to meet with team-mates, partners and citizens in an on-demand or scheduled basis to exchange information and make well-informed decisions on time.

Advantages For Government Agencies

  • Improve situational awareness fast, efficient and effective information exchange between geographically distributed locations results in better situational awareness and the ability to make faster decisions.
  • Improve coordination and collaboration communicating across multiple agencies reduces duplication and omission of crucial tasks.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency decrease time spent travelling or on temporary duty assignments.
  • Enhance agency relationships improve coordination, create familiarity and develop trust in relationships between agencies with face-to-face communications.
  • Increase cost savings decreasing the money spent on travel (vehicle, fuel etc.).
  • Augment training programs share training resources between departments.

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