Video Conferencing Solutions for Healthcare / Tele-Medicine


Video Conferencing Solutions For Healthcare | Tele-Medicine

PeopleLink Video Conferencing Solutions for Healthcare are customized for a smooth integration with different entities in the health care domain. Our specially designed unified communication solutions facilitate anytime and anywhere collaboration between the doctor and the patient which would otherwise have been next to impossible. The improved departmental meeting, easy knowledge sharing, remote patient care are no more far-placed perpendiculars with our audio/visual conferencing services.

Video solutions for doctors/medical practitioner

The doctors can offer a virtual consultation to remote patients. The PeopleLink Video Conferencing Solutions for Healthcare domains can connect multiparty stakeholders (up to 4 parties) without compromising with the video or audio quality. These video conferencing services can be easily integrated with operation room environment and other medical equipment for better health care services. Apart from these, virtual waiting rooms for patients with the option for Digital Signage, multiple camera support, whiteboards, EHR (Electronic Health Record) and e-prescriptions sharing and Dicom (Digital imaging and communication for medical domain) view makes our solutions the best option for doctors/hospitals interested in extending healthcare beyond demographic constraints.

The patients’ benefits

Need to consult a doctor who doesn’t reside in your city? Well, you can now consult him/her with absolute ease and no travel. PeopleLink video conferencing services are designed, keeping in mind the practical medical needs of the mass and the ways to provide a timely answer to them. Select and book an appointment with the doctor you want to consult, get real-time video consultation, use the customized whiteboard services, screen sharing facilities for report sharing and information exchange are only a few benefits the patients can enjoy through PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for Healthcare

Video conferencing trends are growing in leaps and bounds and is no more restricted to large corporates, PeopleLink Video Conferencing Solutions are playing their part in bringing effective and secured remote collaboration on the medical front within the reach of the masses. With customized conferencing solutions, industry-specific security standards like HIPAA (Health Insurance Provability and Accountability) and HL7 (Health Level-7). PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for healthcare are substantially complementing the growth of UC market both in national and international fronts.

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