Video Conferencing Solutions For Retail & Manufacturing Industry


Video Conferencing Solutions For Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Manufacturing and retail sectors have always been the drivers of the economic spurge .Globalization of retail and manufacturing industry got them immense growth but also threw them new challenges. We, at PeopleLink, have decided to assist our customers in these sectors to evolve as winners through our Video Conferencing Solutions for Manufacturing and Retail sectors

Systematic management of dispersed employees

Collaborating with your remote employees had never been this easy, especially in the Manufacturing Verticals. The integrated Video Conferencing Solutions for Retail and Manufacturing from PeopleLink with your existing SCM will offer you high-quality visualization and real-time video processing regardless of lower bandwidth. You can now have a day-to-day record of your distant units, collaborate with your off-station staffs and also propagate the latest agendas among your associates. Our Managed services designed for Manufacturing verticals allows real-time streaming of events like product launch, partners and dealer’s meet and training sessions across multiple locations.

Virtual customer support and skill enhancement

At PeopleLink, after sales service is extremely crucial. We offer virtual engineering and technical support, instructional guidance and diagnosis of faulty products. We also offer interactive visual training sessions and workshops for your employees to help them go along with our products with ease. We have helped our clients to take advantage of our cutting-edge audio-visual conferencing technology, designed to offer more productive business meeting.

Stronger virtual store presence for retailers

You can now have a high-end virtual store, connected to all its remote branches, video enabled call centers for higher customer satisfaction, real-time showcasing of products to bring down inventory cost and hassles, have industry experts talk directly to your customers which in its turn shall make you more reliable for your customers. There is always a provision of setting up high-quality visual kiosks in rural areas or demographically unfavorable places or in places with less smartphone users with PeopleLink Video Conferencing Solutions for Retail sectors.

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