Video Conferencing Solutions for SME’s

PeopleLink brings in Video Conferencing Solutions for Enterprises, keeping in mind the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). The SME which included a major portion of the eLearning and distant education sector aims to achieve higher growth in minimum time and budget. We help in serving these purposes.

A high-performance workplace for optimum growth

The greatest constraint of most SME is stringent finance. PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions Enterprises allow them to go down on expenditure still have a consolidated remote communication medium for connecting dispersed branch offices and staffs. The employees can join in from any corner of the world from their personal device and coordinate with each other. The rich media and large file sharing, live group and individual chat, multiparty conferencing, yields positive decisions and results.

Improved corporate work-culture

Our unique communicative mediums have been instrumental in building up the corporate culture, helps in balancing work and personal life of employees. The employees can join in remotely from their mobile devices or laptops and keep themselves updated about the current scenario at their work front along with spending quality time with their family. This adds to employee satisfaction and works to retain talent within the organizations.

Great recruitment tool

PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for Enterprises are also great staffing tool that allows the HR executives to look beyond local candidates, interview and choose outstation job aspirants without shelling out any company fund. The interview is as good as face-to-face interview, where the candidates can even share all his credentials and documents to initiate the verification requirements and on due course speed up the recruitment process.

Cost-saving option for SMEs in the learning sectors

If you are from Distant Learning sector, you can well relate to the requirement for substantial cost saving by setting up virtual training sessions, documents and knowledge sharing and expanding the reach. Getting access to instructions/ Subject Matter Experts, Live streaming of tutorials, seamless access to digital libraries gifts your opportunities, are made easier with PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for Enterprises which you might have missed out otherwise.

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