Video Conferencing Solutions for SME’s

Video Conferencing Solutions For Small & Medium Enterprises

PeopleLink delivers Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions that result in a high-performance workplace with easy access to information and faster decision-making. In a challenging business environment, Enterprises must be flexible enough to nimbly respond to global market demands while maintaining solid financial control. With geographically-dispersed work teams spanning different locations including headquarters, branch office, home and mobile environments corporates need innovative ways to get in front of their customers more frequently and to empower remotely-located staff to work more efficiently and effectively without the time and costs associated with travel.

Distance Learning

Distance learning offers students and educators the opportunity to access learning which might otherwise be unavailable. Distance learning using PeopleLink video conferencing increases your access to experts around the world.


  • Substantial Cost Savings, achieve faster course development and share training resources between departments while reducing time consuming and resource intensive training activities. Reduce the need for trainer/trainee travel and time out of office with minimal disruption to their day-to-day job responsibilities.
  • Improve Instruction and Retention provide more natural interaction and a new level of realism and image quality that removes distance by providing users with truly life-like meeting experiences.
  • Expand Reach and Increase Training Agility reach trainees in the workplace, while travelling, or in a mobile environment. Connect a single instructor face-to-face with many students in distributed locations or stream training live and recorded training content for asynchronous any time anywhere learning and review.
  • Enhance and Share Expertise enable greater access to internal and external subject matter experts.

HR Practices and Policies

Collaboration can be used to disseminate HR policies and procedures to a widespread audience regardless of geographical location. From a process point of view, PeopleLink software video conferencing solutions help ensure consistency and full comprehension across the company.

Training & Development

Training departments are faced with shrinking budgets and resource limitations. Onsite training is often costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. And, computer-based, self-paced courses don't provide the interaction required to maintain interest. PVCS Video Conferencing solutions are the answer. PVCS software Video Conferencing allows you to conduct remote training classes worldwide, with the trainer being at only one location. PVCS enables remote locations to participate and have instant access to the very best content. PVCS solutions enable multiple locations to connect together to create an optimal collaborative learning environment. Expand skills and expertise, extend the reach of instructors, accelerate learning and decrease the time and expense associated with travel.

Boardroom Solution

Top management must stay connected with staff, customers and suppliers regardless of their location whether they are in the same city or across the world. Peoplelink enables rich communications between office locations and decision makers allowing products to be brought to market quickly and shortening sales cycles.

Corporate Culture

PeopleLink software video conferencing solutions help many companies enrich the overall corporate culture. Enhanced employee communications result in increased information sharing and improved productivity. In many cases, worklife balance is improved as sales people and others can make customer calls from home rather than spending their life on the road.

Branch Office

With PeopleLink video conferencing solutions, branch offices now have access to key resources such as remote product experts, distance learning instructors and other headquarters support personnel. Interactive, engaging discussions become the norm rather than the exception. Training and strategy implementation becomes consistent (especially via streaming or on-demand training). And the branch office becomes a productive extension of the corporate location. When managing these geographically dispersed end-points becomes impractical for internal resources, PeopleLink Support Services can provide the expert support services to augment your team and help ensure the best user experience while ensuring full system interoperability..

Talent Retention

The key challenge of retaining talent can be overcome by enhancing the corporate culture with PeopleLink software video conferencing solutions. Employees become more engaged, more productive and more satisfied. Policies that improve worklife balance can also play a significant role in retaining employees.

Staffing and Recruitment

Collaboration allows departments, personnel and hiring managers to discuss and share information in real-time versus email or traditional conference calls. PeopleLink software video conferencing solutions increase the potential hiring pool by allowing HR to look beyond local candidates. And they reduce costs. Candidates can interview from a local video conferencing location, saving time and travel costs.

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