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The smartest notebook you can have, right in your pocket.

Acumen is a software that enables thorough preparation of students pre-class. It enhances content delivery by the professor during class. It also engages students effectively post-class to further develop their understanding of the topic.


Acumen facilitates scheduled courses where learners attend real time video enabled lectures at specified timings.

The entire course follows a structured format, meaning lectures, discussions and submissions happen at a specified time.


Learners also have the option of taking up courses which allow them to learn at their own pace.

They are provided the content beforehand, and given a deadline before which they need to complete course readings and assignment submissions.

Acumen for

Organize lesson plans for the semester, build courses for students and save time on grading. Keep track of the class, monitor individual student performances and offer remedial courses.

Prepare Academic Calendar

Prepare a day-to-day schedule of lesson plans, topics to be covered, time required for a topic, for the entire academic year.

Prepare Quality Courses

Create, upload and share video and audio content, PPTs, and documents, and import content from external sources on the central content repository. View content uploaded by colleagues, offer feedback and ratings. Access the highest rated content available to create quality lessons.

Create Video Lessons

Record lessons using laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. Use the screencast feature to capture slideshows and whiteboard annotations. After recording, use the editing tools to crop the video; add descriptions, tags, subtitles, and attachments. Upload video to central content repository.

Manage Classrooms Easily

Track student attendance, conduct in-class group activities and engage students with individualized quizzes and tests via classroom management tools.

Save Time on Grading

The autograder automatically grades objective tests such as quizzes and multiple choice questions. With smart grading tools, evaluate subjective assessments such as Q&A in a faster, more consistent way. Now focus on improving course delivery instead.

Understand Students Better

Performance Analytics identifies which topics a student finds difficult, individual performances, time spent in completing an assessment and average class performance, helping you provide timely guidance.

Enhance Learning Outcomes

Provide customized feedback for each student. The built-in course authoring feature enables teachers to create personalized courses for students that include videos, PPTs, audio and more.

Refine Course Delivery

Get insights on how well students are responding to course content and receive feedback from them via polls and surveys.

Avoid Impromptu Visits

Appointments enables professors to avail a set of timeslots over the week for student visits.

Acumen for

Access courses from anywhere, view recorded video lectures, complete and submit assignments through Acumen. Stay engaged in class, compete with your classmates on tests and assignments, take appointments from professors.

Prepare Ahead

Preview content beforehand to improve your understanding of the topic and contribute to the class.

Keep Up With Lecturers

Grasp important concepts quickly by requesting personalized crash courses and suggested reading materials.

Never Miss a Class

In case of absenteeism, access lecture videos on Acumen’s student portal.

Keep Track of Coursework

Get schedule updates, assignment reminders and performance assessments via calendar.

Compete With Peers

Score points, win badges and top the leaderboard for course assessments and submissions through Gamification.

Collaborate With Peers

Engage in debates, share ideas, and brainstorm with peers using interactive learning tools such as forums and group chats.

Learn on the Go

Complete and submit assignments, read course material from anywhere, with easy mobile access.

Highlight Academic Achievements

ePortfolio sets up a personal profile which displays achievements and automatically updates itself when a course ends. Have an impressive personal profile in place for campus recruitments.

Acumen for

Monitor performances of each department from each branch of the institution; ensure timely completion of syllabus and consistency of content delivery at all levels of the institution.

Manage Multiple Branches

Acumen’s multitenancy feature provides management with reports on the performances of professors and students for each branch of the university.

Communicate Efficiently

Share important announcements and updates with the entire campus via Acumen messages.

Track Student Discipline

Get instant access to student attendance, performances and submission records via Acumen reports.

Ensure Course Completion

Track each teacher’s progress with weekly reports and analytics on course completion.

Assess Professor Performance

Get a bird’s-eye view of each professor’s performance through peer reviews, content ratings, students’ average test scores over the semester with Acumen data.


Explore, step-by-step, what you can do


Explore, step-by-step, what you can do