PeopleLink Partners Nature Guardian Society as their NGO Partner for strengthening CSR Initiatives.

For decades the Nature Conservancy has recognized the need of private sector to play an important role in advancing the conservation initiatives of Organisations working towards such initiatives. In that spirit, this National wildlife week 2015 we have associated with Nature Guardian Society to help change business practices and policies, raise awareness of conservation issues, and to support important new science and conservation projects over our visual collaboration platform.

PeopleLink has always been vouching for the Environment friendliness in all its efforts, including our products & services which help reduce the Carbon footprints by the Organizations caused due to excessive travel to achieve collaboration. Our Solutions have been in use by several organisations involved in nature conservation and matters of social concerns.

N Kranthi Kumar A, Chairperson, Nature Guardian Society commented “Our partnership with PeopleLink will enable awareness for our ecosystem among similar corporates and environmental enthusiasts. This Strategic tie-up will help us to associate with companies who believe in their responsibilities towards the society to help address the concerns by providing their technology and services which are nature friendly.”

Abhishek Pratap Singh, Head Marketing & Managed Video Services, PeopleLink commented “We are pleased to partner with Nature Guardian Society to make an important contribution to environmental protection by promoting our products & services which are capable of providing non-confrontational, pragmatic and technology-based solutions to conservation challenges.”

PeopleLink shall also adopt a specific code of conduct as recommended by the Nature Guardian Society that obliges all employees across the board to inculcate nature friendly practices which help in supporting the efforts being made by the Nature conservationists.

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