Best School and Colleges Video Conferencing Solutions

Best School and Colleges Video Conferencing Solutions

In the modern era, school education is no more limited to the four walls of the classroom. The need for virtual classrooms in schools, colleges, universities, and coaching institutes is increasing day by day. Thanks to school video conferencing tools like PeopleLink VC, students now have ample opportunities to virtually learn from academic experts in any part of the world.

Smart School Video Conferencing Solutions by PeopleLink

At PeopleLink, we have created smart, out-of-the-box video conferencing solutions for schools and colleges based on authentic, real-world situations. The key highlights of our solutions are as follows:

  • Video conferencing for all ages: PeopleLink offers a conferencing solution for every classroom, including conferencing for higher education. 
  • Simple, Easy-to-use solution: Video conferencing for classes needn’t be complicated. With the PeopleLink VC tool, teachers can easily video conference, record the class session, and share the lesson content.
  • Screen share: With the free screen-sharing feature, teachers can explain the topic by displaying text, graphics, and audio-video material on their screens during the live sessions. 
  • Student engagement: Using PeopleLink VC, students can connect and engage with others students around the world and share their presentations with other connected classrooms.
  • Classroom resources: Sometimes, students miss a class or two. With the free recording feature offered by PeopleLink VC, class session recordings can be stored and accessed easily from the student’s online account.
  • Data Security: At PeopleLink, we exceed all data security standards. Our backend data encryption and firewalls protect stored data at all times.
  • ParentTeacher Meetings: Teachers and parents can connect via video conferencing for a one-on-one remote meeting.

Multi-Location School Video Conferencing Solution

For remote teaching, PeopleLink’s Omnipresence is the most suitable multi-location video conferencing solution to conduct virtual classroom sessions for their students. Some of the key highlights of our multi-location video conferencing for the education sector are:

  • Works even at low bandwidth: This means that even when some remote students do not have access to the high-speed internet or some students wish to join sessions while traveling, PeopleLink’s Omnipresence solution works with low bandwidth internet. What’s more? Students can get uncompromised audio-video quality even when the bandwidth is low.
  • Data can be shared easily: Educators can share rich contextual media or data with all participating students. These help them to understand the concepts very easily. The teaching and learning process becomes faster with this solution.
  • Multiple video feeds:  This solution transmits multiple videos to students connected remotely from different parts of the world. The students at remote locations can view the perfect video streaming without any lags or technical glitches.
  • Easy Integration: The software can be integrated easily to connect with any remote system. 
  • CostEffective Solution: Both installation and operational costs are low here. So, the solution is deployable at a reasonable cost.

PeopleLink’s video conferencing solutions provide immense support to the technology-enabled educational institutes.

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