Smart Online Classroom Solution for Schools & Coaching Classes

Smart Online Classroom Solution for Schools & Coaching Classes

In today’s pandemic times, when social distancing is a norm, a smart online classroom solution is the need of the hour for schools, colleges, and coaching institutes to conduct online classes. Given that there are so many options and so little time to put the technology system in place, choosing the best virtual classroom software for your team is not an easy task. There could be some more challenges. While you need the software to deliver a long list of must-have features and maximum value for money, you may have a very limited budget to spend. So, how do you find a virtual classroom software that meets all your feature requirements and offers the best ROI?

Let us look at some of the important points to consider while choosing the right smart online classroom solution for your school or coaching classes.

  1. Create a Realistic Budget: You need to create an accurate budget for procuring the virtual classroom software so that you don’t end up overspending and making other business operations pay the price. A realistic budget should include the software cost and the setup fees. You also need to consider indirect costs, such as cost towards content development for online training and ongoing maintenance cost. 
  2. Assess your Online Classroom Needs: You need to assess your online classroom goals and outcomes, the pain points in your current online system, and how the new smart classroom solution can bridge the gap and build a stronger team dynamic.
  3. Get team feedback: You should survey the team to identify the pain points in the current system and overcome them with your new virtual classroom software. Get feedback on what the team likes best and least about your current online system, and their virtual classroom expectations. Such staff feedback can help you choose a solution that aligns with their needs and different online teaching styles.
  4. Refer to Online Directories to Identify Top Online Classroom Solution: Online directories have a dedicated section for price comparisons. In this section, you can see listings of different software vendors offering free trials and their general price range. You can compare prices and must-have features to identify the top solution that meets your needs and budget. 
  5. Analyze User Ratings & Reviews to Identify the Best Smart Classroom Solution: You should view and analyze user ratings and reviews of different vendors available in top online directories so that you can choose the best software. Review each software’s performance overview, which covers customer experience, usefulness, overall satisfaction score, and summary statements. This overview summarizes the product’s track record. You should also go through the detailed reviews that explain what users liked best and least about a particular virtual classroom software. 
  6. Ask for Recommendations from Your Social Network: You can ask for recommendations and suggestions from group members of various social media groups and online forums about top-notch virtual classroom software providers. You can also review some buying tips and provider databases available in such social groups. 
  7. Check Vendor Social Media Accounts: Visit vendors’ social media pages to see if they are active on different platforms, respond to posters, and have any reviews from satisfied customers.
  8. Request Proposals from Top Vendors Having Niche Expertise: You should submit RFPs to only top providers whose product features stand out and who are within your price range. These vendors then send their proposals with product benefits and detailed cost estimates. Based on these proposals, you can make your final choice.

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