Best Video Conferencing App for Online Classes

Best Video Conferencing App for Online Classes - PeopleLink VC

In the technology-driven world today, education has moved to the next level. 

With classes going online, the whole process of education has become easier and smarter than before. Especially in a pandemic situation like today, where social distancing norms have restricted people from stepping out of their homes, online classes play a pivotal role. So, how to conduct classes online with the help of technology? What tools are available for online teaching? To conduct online classes, teachers need to have the basic knowledge of computers and the internet. Video conferencing is the most popular way of online education. Video conferencing applications offer a convenient platform for teachers to connect with a group of students and conduct a live session. Educators can create different batches of students, schedule online meetings for different batches, conduct online classes, and share study materials. 


Benefits of Using Video Conferencing App for Online Classes

  • Online education through video conferencing offers many advantages, such as flexibility, convenience, practicality, and more. 
  • Video conferencing applications enable educators to conduct online classes from anywhere. The educators can teach from the comfort of their homes and interact with students located in different parts of the world.
  • The app connects teachers and students in real-time and provides many special features to run the virtual class effectively. 

Best Video Conferencing App for Online Classes

Today, several apps are available in the market with features like audio/video calling, screen sharing, chatting, etc., needed for online teaching. But when it comes to choosing the best video conferencing solution for online classes, then PeopleLink video conferencing is the smartest choice.

PeopleLink offers special video conferencing features that make online teaching easy and more convenient for teachers. It first identifies the challenges faced by the education industry and then builds solutions around them. This approach helps to improve the classroom experience and also cater to the needs of all stakeholders, including teachers, students, management, and even parents.

PeopleLink VC Solution: Key Highlights

PeopleLink’s video conferencing app for online classes offers the following broad features:

  • HD video calling support
  • Call recording
  • Live messaging during video calls
  • File storage option
  • Screen layout options
  • High-grade security
  • Multi-device support
  • Integration with other apps

E-Tutoring for Distance Learning

Geographically distant campuses require a technology solution that allows distance-learning programmes to be supported by reliable and easy-to-use online tools that improve student-teacher engagement. The solution should be able to fulfil the following needs of geographically dispersed campuses:

  • Give teachers and students the ability to readily and remotely access content
  • Enable efficient knowledge transfer
  • Deliver standardized content across and within campuses
  • Relay information in real-time across multiple locations

PeopleLink Acumen, a virtual classroom and learner management system (LMS), is an ideal solution that facilities distance learning programmes. Using PeopleLink’s best video conferencing app for online classes, educators can teach, hand out assignments, interact with learners, and support them in every way. Students, in turn, can access assignments online, interact with teachers and peers, and get a good understanding of the topic using audio/visual aids.


To make online classes more interactive and effective, you can use one of PeopleLink’s video conferencing solutions that offer highly engaging features for educators and learners. However, having a high-speed internet connection and a good quality web camera is vital for good quality sound or video. These will also help you to conduct live classroom sessions without any obstacles.

If you are looking for the most suitable video conferencing app for online classes, the team at PeopleLink can help. For more information, please send us an email to or WhatsApp your message on +91 9100123013 to request a demo today!