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Turn your meeting rooms into Collaboration Studios

A video conferencing endpoint is uniquely-addressable equipment on a network that can engage in a video call with another video conferencing endpoint, creating a virtual meeting space for participants. With the PeopleLink impact pro endpoint series, you can turn your conference room into a video collaboration studio by connecting customers, employees and partners face to face within a short moment of time. It gives you great flexibility to deploy and scale video according to the needs of your business.

PeopleLink Impact Pro video conferencing endpoint gives ultimate performance even at low bandwidth making video meetings and information sharing seamless. With built-in VPN features and High data security Impact Pro video conference endpoint solution integrates with standardized video systems and other hardware endpoints with necessary licenses via H.323, SIP, H.239, and BFCP 39 Protocols.

The key features of this video conferencing endpoint include:

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  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Secure, Stable, InterOperable
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom with advanced sharpened image technology
  • 12x optical zoom
  • USB supported endpoint
  • H.239 and BFCP supported multimedia communication over multiple networks
  • H.323 & SIP Supported endpoint to set up, manage, and terminate media sessions over IP
  • Built-in Omnidirectional Microphone for clear audio quality
  • Suitable one for Boardroom, Conference Room, and Training Room with a capacity to handle 12 to 25 people
  • Creates immersive, true-to-life experience for 1+4  participating locations.
  • Affordable Video Conferencing for Business that is quick and easy to setup

Immersive Experience of FDH Video Conferencing Endpoint for Business

The quality of video conferencing is crucial to the success of any business. PeopleLink Impact Pro Endpoint offers a life-like Business collaboration experience making communication and collaboration more efficient and enjoyable.

High-Quality Video Conferencing at Low Bandwidth Consumption

Impact Pro series endpoints consume low bandwidth, without compromising on the audio and video quality of your video business meetings.

12X PTZ Camera

Impact Pro video endpoint has PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) cameras with 12x optical zoom to sharpen the image quality.

Seamless Interoperability

To get a life-like experience during video conferencing, you don’t need to leave your already existing hardware devices. Rather this endpoint supports a majority of hardware-based endpoints for video conferencing.

  • H.239 & BFCP

H.239 protocol supports professionals’ multimedia communication whereas with the help of BFCP protocol you just need to coordinate your approach to the shared conference resources.

  • H.323 and SIP Support

This helps with real-time multimedia communication over IP.


The omnidirectional microphone of the HD video conference endpoint solution comes with echo cancellation and noise suppression for quality audio. It eradicates the unwanted sound just to ensure the effectiveness of the interaction.

All in One Compact Design, Easy to Set up and Configure

Impact Pro video endpoint comes with a smart, compact design that is easy to set up and configure. Its all-in-one design creates simpler deployment and easy management. Get ready for your online Video Meetings within a fraction of time.

Application of PeopleLink Impact Pro Endpoint

  •  Area of Application: Boardroom, Conference Room, and Training Room
  • Capacity: 12 to 25 People

Enjoy the Ultimate Audio-Visual Experience with PeopleLink Impact Pro Video Endpoint

PeopleLink’s Impact Pro video endpoint sets a new standard for video conferencing for Business that is Affordable, quick, and easy. For a fraction of what your enterprise spends on travel, the Impact Pro Series brings people, who are geographically separated, together as a single team.