Best Virtual Classroom Platform for Schools, Colleges and Institutes

Best Virtual Classroom Platform for Schools, Colleges and Institutes

The brick-and-mortar classrooms have always strived to create maximum learning opportunities for students. But with a plethora of remote connectivity solutions available today, the traditional classrooms are increasingly getting replaced by virtual classrooms to conduct distant learning programs. However, low bandwidth, absence of experts, low learning outcomes, and lack of strong teacher-student bond have been some of the top challenges faced by online learning programs. With virtual classroom platforms like PeopleLink, online education has become more convenient and effective. 

Key Benefits of Online Virtual Classroom Platforms:

  • Facilitates remote connectivity even at low bandwidth
  • Economical solution
  • Helps build a strong bond between students and teachers, 
  • Enables multi-location virtual learning
  • Provides convenience and comfort for both educators and learners. 

How to Set Up the Best Virtual Classroom Platform with PeopleLink?

The following are some of the main requirements to set up a successful virtual classroom solution with PeopleLink for your school, college, or coaching institute.

  • A Device with Internet Connectivity: Both teachers and students will need either a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone with high-speed internet connectivity. Students can connect with the teacher either from their home or distant location using the device of their choice.
  1. Digital Podium: PeopleLink provides a wide variety of digital podiums that have an inbuilt touch screen monitor, microphones, digital signal processor, and laptop interface. The e-podium’s laptop interface enables users to connect to the internet with video, audio, USB ports, etc. These new-generation digital podiums are ideal for any virtual classroom to conduct lectures, seminars, and presentations most effectively. 

Key Differentiators of PeopleLink Solution:

Unlike other online virtual classroom platforms, PeopleLink provides unique features for instructors and students.

  • Speaker Tracking Camera: With PeopleLink speaker tracking camera, the instructor can move around freely without worrying about managing the camera. This smart audio-visual tracking camera works with audio positioning and face detection technology that uses 12x optical zoom and a 72.5 ° field of view to precisely track the speaker. The tracking camera is designed exclusively to provide a face-to-face-like user experience during video conferencing, live streaming, virtual classrooms, conference rooms, etc.
  • Student Tracking Camera: PeopleLink student tracking camera allows you to keep track of all students connected from different locations. This smart camera auto-tracks and captures the audience in virtual classrooms, auditoriums, or conference rooms with algorithm-based auto-tracking and auto zoom-in and zoom-out features. You can also record high-quality videos and store them in a local repository.
  • Document Visualizer: PeopleLink offers the best virtual classroom platform that comes with a unique document visualizer. This smart document visualizer helps teachers project their documents on a large screen, whether in a virtual classroom, conference room, or training room. With highly versatile and compatible features, it helps every student to view the shared documents on-screen at high resolution. This device allows the teacher to magnify a document with optical zoom, making it easily readable. 
  • Interactive Touch Display: Peoplelink interactive displays provide the best virtual classroom experience for both on-campus and remote students through intuitive and interactive sessions. On these interactive flat panels, teachers can write using their fingers or an interactive pen. The display provides up to ten touchpoints, enabling the user to write with all ten fingers at the same time. So, when installed in a virtual classroom, the teacher can invite up to ten students at a time and make them write on the digital screen. This interactive touch display works on both Windows and Android operating systems.  

Virtual Classroom Platforms like PeopleLink open up the possibilities of embedding interactive tools, exclusive editing tools, and various learning software to make virtual classrooms truly smart and achieve targeted learning outcomes.

When it comes to remote teaching or distance learning, PeopleLink’s Omnipresence multi-location video conferencing solution is ideal for conducting virtual classroom sessions. This solution works perfectly even at low bandwidth, connects with any remote system through easy integration, and deploys at reasonable costs.

All solutions offered by PeopleLink contribute immensely to virtual classrooms, helping students who are physically present in the classroom and those who have connected remotely. 

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