What is a Webinar, How to Join a Webinar and its advantages ?

What is a Webinar?

The word webinar is a blend of the words ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. A webinar platform is generally a form of online interpersonal communication where the professional or professionals interact with a group of targeted specific audiences. The audiences have the opportunity to resolve their queries immediately and can participate in polls and surveys. The other popular terms for webinars are online seminars, virtual events, live webinars, and webinar services.

How Does a Webinar Work?

If you want to make your online webinars successful, there are a few steps which can help you”

  • Webinar Structure

As soon as you decide your topic and target audiences for a webinar according to current marketing trends, go for the drafting and designing of your content and medium for presentation. Generally, an ideal time for a webinar platform is 45-60 minutes. And always consider the time for Q & A round for your audience.   

  • Technical Requirements

For the best webinar solutions, you need a quality camera, microphones, and internet connectivity. You must ensure the qualitative outcomes from these devices. Even there are a few browser-based webinar solutions to ease the task. 

  • How to Join a Webinar?

For effective connectivity during webinar sessions for your targeted audience, you must plan an effective strategy. Irrespective of the options chosen for the webinar, the comfort of your audiences must be ensured. Some of the methods for webinar sessions include:  

  1. Download an application and provide the details for the registration process
  2. Calling through specific number to join the webinar
  3. Share an email link in advance to join the webinar session
  • Post-Webinar Follow-up Process 

It can also be possible that a few of the registered participants did not turn up for the webinar due to some reasons so, in that condition, you can share the replay link with access to a limited time frame.

  • Advantages of Online Webinars:

The primary advantage of the webinar platform is fruitful interaction among professionals. But some other benefits also include:

  1. Development of a healthy environment and building positive relationships with the interaction between speaker and participant as well as participants with each other. The feedback received from the audiences helps in the improvement of future webinar sessions. 
  2. With the screen sharing option, not only the presentation but also the visual appearance of one other put an impactful effect. 
  3. The best webinar solutions ensure the engagement of the audience with the question-answer session. 
  4. The webinars once conducted, can also be used for future corporate communications like workshops, sales, and training sessions with the recording of the sessions. 
  5. Unlike physical interaction, where the number of participants is limited due to space constraints, the online seminar can have innumerable audiences as it removes geographical boundaries because of online session conduction. 
  • PeopleLink InstaVC Solution for Webinars

If you are looking for a webinar meeting solution with an effective outcome, then PeopleLink InstaVC can be the best video platform to reach a large number of audience. 

The key features of PeopleLink Webinar Solution include:

  1. You can host online webinars, seminars, corporate events, and online classes for innumerable people with the desired customization. Those participants will only be able to view the sessions and can send the messages to panelists to resolve their queries for question and answer sessions. 
  2. It is a browser-based solution. You do not need to download any software.
  3. Get your vibrant events published and shared.
  4. Hundreds of Interactive panelists are available for your efficient learning and presentations.
  5. With the required catchy features for attendees and still have complete control over the webinar event, this solution is giving the webinars goals.
  6. The webinar solution gives you two types of chat options where moderated chat allows you to have conversations with the audience, whereas, the private chat option is for one-to-one conversation between the presenter and the attendee. This one is helpful to avoid chaos for the free flow of the live webinars. 
  7. With a single click, you may record the entire webinar session for future reference to the ones who have missed the session or can use the same for creating a sales or training presentation. 
  8. With the live streaming feature, you can reach a wider audience through YouTube or Facebook. It will also help in the generation of more leads.
  9. With BYOD support, the presenters and attendees have the flexibility to join sessions from desktop PC, laptops, or mobile phones.
  10. With an assisted webinar solution, a seamless large-scale event can be organized with the support from our team that includes planning, rehearsal, and live support.