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Make your presentations interactive with robust multi-utility screens and capture the attention of your audience, instantly.

PeopleLink Interactive Displays for Smart Classrooms & Enterprises

With content sharing and interactive touch at your fingertips, PeopleLink Interactive displays help to better facilitate presentations, decision-making and brainstorming. People Link brings you a feature-packed collection of Interactive Displays that are light weight, stylish as well as made with cutting-edge technology. Built with the need for versatility in mind, our interactive displays offer an assortment of features that are useful in multiple business domains and smart classrooms.

Available in three sizes : 65”, 75” and 86”




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With its large touch and display screen, PeopleLink Interactive displays let multiple users write, edit, draw onscreen for dynamic presentations. Due to its large size, even the students and participants sitting in the last can read the content clearly. People Link’s interactive displays allow you a seamless control over the digital content.

So, why wait, when you can make your presentations a success with our high-quality devices. Get to know more about our products.

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