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Interactive Digital Signage

Engage Viewers

Viewers don’t just view content, they interact with Signage.

Personalize Your Content

Identify viewers’ gender/age to promote products relevant to them.

Create Experiences

Give your audience a story to share with their friends and family.

Meet and Greet - Video Conferencing Integration

  • Set up Signage screens in two different locations with video conferencing software integrated.
  • Get passersby in one location to interact with famous sports personalities or popular cinema characters present at the second location. It’s an extremely clever way of product placements and brand promotions.
 Video conference

Get Help - Touchscreen Model

  • Interactive maps at a mall. Check if the mall has a certain store and receive instructions on how you can get there.
  • Queue management system at a government office. Enter details on a screen, receive personal waiting number, and track estimated waiting time.
Touch Screen

Intelligent Retail - Beacon


Signage sends promotions via Bluetooth to the phones of customers who are in the proximity of your store. Essentially, you convert your customers’ phones into personal signage screens. Upon entering the store they start receiving personalized content based on which section/aisle they are at.

E.g.: A customer in a grocery store’s dairy section will receive promotions on milk, etc. while a customer in a clothing retailer’s shirts section will get information on latest arrivals, discounts, etc. Give customers instant information and, if they like something, they can buy it from their phone!

Digital signage

Let customers control Signage from their phones: QR Codes

  • This is a great way to engage your customers while also building a database. Customers have to merely scan a QR code to open a link where they can register in to gain access.
  • Engage with Games: Their phones become joysticks so they can play games. It’s a great way to entertain customers in cafes and bars.
  • Feedback: Take a quick poll to get customers’ opinions (e.g., latest product, store interiors) and instantly display auto-updated results on the screen.
Interactive Digital Signage

Let the fun begin: Tracking Cameras

  • Engage Customers: Integrating facial recognition with Signage is a great way to engage customers for your social media campaigns. Create a fun filter and keep it running on the Signage screen. When the camera detects people standing in front of the screen, Signage automatically takes pictures, allowing viewers to pose and enjoy. A QR code will direct them to your website/social media page where the pictures are available. This helps expand your database, and increase your social media following.
  • Targeted Advertising:Facial recognition is also a great way for targeted advertising. For e.g.: When a camera detects a child’s face in a bookstore, it displays comic books/ young adult fiction; or when an adult male is detected, it may display sports magazines or technology book.

Try it, buy it: RFID Tags

  • Fitting Rooms: Digital Signage in fitting rooms uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to detect the clothes customers want to try. The Signage screen in the fitting room then automatically displays complementary items.
  • Example: If a shirt is detected, the customer also sees complementary trousers and shoes. Customers can also view available colour variations and sizes which are brought to them directly by a salesperson. They have an “Add to Cart” option to send the item to their personal email. If they want to buy, they can complete the transaction in the fitting room itself.