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Businesses today look for instant and convenient ways to connect with stakeholders. Hence, it's essential for businesses to choose the right communication solutions to ensure smooth interaction.




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Select the best audio conference speaker for your business Meetings

Features PVC 50 WS PeopleLink UVC 15 PeopleLink UVC 15B PeopleLink UVC 100 PeopleLink Quadro PeopleLink Quadro P PeopleLink Quadro Touch
Products Videos
AEC* Echo cancellation
AGC* Gain Control
ANS* Noise Supression
USB 2.0 Type B √(Type A)
Microphone One omnidirectional Three Bidirectional Three Bidirectional Digital Omnidirectional Four Bidirectional Four Bidirectional Digital Omnidirectional
Speaker Phone
Bluetooth - - - - -
Net Weight 312g 500g (Gross) 500g (Gross) 465g 1.25kg 1.25kg 950g
Speaker Output 87dBA 89dB 89dB 94dBA 92dBA/td> 90dBA
Power Consumption 2.5W 300mAh 300mAh 500mA 0.4A 0.4A 2000mA
Microphone Pick Up Range Up to 10ft Up to 3mtr Up to 8ft 3mtr; 5mtr with extension 3mtr; 5mtr with extension Up to 3mtr
Microphone Pick Up Range Up to 10ft Up to 3mtr Up to 8ft 3mtr; 5mtr with extension 3mtr; 5mtr with extension Up to 3mtr
Room Size 20Ft X 15Ft 12ft X 12ft 12ft X 12ft 30Ft X 20Ft 30Ft X 20Ft
Capacity (attendees) 8-10 8-10 8-10 15-20 15-20
HDMI - - - - - - HDMI 2.0
Extended Mic Port - - - - Two Extension Ports (for mics) Two Extension Ports (for mics) -
HD Touch Screen and Dual-core Processor - - - - - -

*AEC – Acoustic Eco Cancellation

*AGC – Acoustic Gain Control

*ANS – Acoustic Noise Suppression

Professional Audio Conference speaker series by PeopleLink

With our professional range of audio conference speaker phones, audio meetings are stream lined and highly presentable with great reception at the receiver end as well as host. All our audio conference speaker phones for business are configured with noise reduction and echo cancellation features.

PeopleLink Sound Bar Plus– PeopleLink Sound Bar Plus acts like a pro in producing the best audio sound quality with a wider coverage. When connecting remotely, best acoustics are very important for conducting the audio conference meeting without any interruption. You can achieve this by using our Sound Bar Plus. This audio conference speaker bar uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with its compatible devices. With 1.76 kg weight, its design is very compact and apt for a room sized 20x15ft. You can easily operate our audio conference sound bar using a remote control. Read More about Sound Bar Plus

PeopleLink PVC 50–PeopleLink PVC 50 is an omnidirectional audio conference speaker phone with noise filtration technology. During a discussion in an audio conference, every participant will have points to discuss. Hence, it’s ideal to use a Microphone that picks up sound from all directions of the meeting room. PVC 50 audio conference speaker phone serves both as a microphone and as audio conference speaker phone giving you 87db output. The size is attractively compact and is easily portable to the desired location. Read More about PVC 50

PeopleLink PVC 50 WS– This wireless audio conference speaker phone is a smart conferencing solution and can be used as a microphone and as a loudspeaker. This device is ideal for conference room sized 20x15ft and recommended for oval shaped conference table. As its microphones are inbuilt and omni directional, it can pick up sound from any direction. Along with this PVC 50 WS USB audio conference speaker phone, you get a USB cable of length 1.8mtrs and a USB wireless dongle. Connect this device to your video conference device and get the most out of it. Read More about PVC 50 WS

PeopleLink PVC 50WS Cascade– Number of attendees for meetings can always differ. Due to this reason, organizations tend to have audio video meeting rooms of various sizes suitable to accommodate the attendees. In such situations, you can choose our PeopleLink PVC 50WS Cascade audio conference phone for reliable communication that expands to adjust to the increasing number of attendees. Understanding the business needs, we have designed this wireless audio conference phone in different variants – 2 units cascade, 3 units cascade and 4 units cascade. For best results we recommend businesses to use this solution for audio video meetings with a max of 24 attendees. Read More about PVC 50WS Cascade

PeopleLink UVC 15– A more compact audio conference speaker phone for use with audio and video conferencing is always attractive. Check out our PeopleLink UVC 15, which is ideal for a meeting room, which is 12x12 feet. This USB audio conference phone is configured with three bi-directional microphones to pick up sound at an angle of 360 degrees up to 3 meters. You can also choose to use only one microphone based on your need. This device works also as a loudspeaker for producing crystal clear high definition audio for your audio and video meetings. Read More about UVC 15

PeopleLink UVC 15 B– This device is near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth compatible audio conference speaker phone making it easy to connect with mobiles, laptops, TVs etc., wirelessly. This Bluetooth conference phone is ideal for connecting with 8 to 10 people in a 12x12 feet meeting room. At PeopleLink we never compromise on the quality of the audio and you can conduct the meeting without any hindrance with the high audio quality our audio conference speaker phones. All our devices are designed in such a way that they consume less power. Read More about UVC 15B

PeopleLink Quadro– With growing internet usage, VoIP calls are becoming more common and easy to use. Our PeopleLink Quadro is a hybrid wireless device that connects with internet to make handsfree VoIP calls and also audio conference calls. There are four inbuild bi-directional microphones used to pick up sound from all directions filtering the noise. This speaker phone device gives audio conferencing assistance up to 5 meters and ideal for 30X20 feet room. These audio conference phones come with a USB port for connecting to a computer (or any video system) and also two extension microphone ports. You can also get two extension microphones along with this device if needed. Read More about Quadro

PeopleLink Quadro P– Quadro P is a hybrid audio conference speaker phone using which you can make VoIP calls (using USB Port), audio conference calls and PSTN calls. This audio conference speaker phone comes with the four-line LCD display to show the caller ID, time, call duration and a dial pad to make calls. The sound system is so sophisticated that you cannot find any disturbance due to noise or echo. This wireless speaker phone has four inbuilt microphones ideal for a meeting attending by 20 people with an audio pickup range of 3 meters. You can add two more microphones if needed. Read More about Quadro P

PeopleLink i100 P– Having conventional PSTN audio calls with modern devices and connectivity is always reliable for audio conferencing. PeopleLink i100 P is such a device to make high quality PSTN audio conference calls with up to 10 callers. This analog speaker phone has one omni directional microphone, an LCD display and 24 keys dial pad.Read More about i100 P

PeopleLink Echo Canceller EHD– It’s very difficult to build every room or space in your facility as a sound proof or acoustic-rich room for conducting meetings, trainings or recreational activities. With our device Echo Canceller EHD, you can make a room into a space suitable for conferences, board rooms etc. This DSP EHD device also removes noise during sound transmission. This device is ideal for a room, which can hold up to 60 attendees. Read More about Echo Canceller EHD

PeopleLink Balanced 6 Channel Audio Mixer– PeopleLink BAM-62 audio mixer has 6 channels knob for microphone and line gain controlling with 6 mic-level and 6 line-level inputs and two outputs (to connect to amplifiers). Audio Mixer is an essential device when there is a need of louder and clear high-quality audio output. These can be used in live concerts, presentations, huge sized board rooms, training rooms etc., Basically you give either mic level or line level inputs to these audio mixers to control the gain and get the desired output. These mic level inputs can be from condenser or dynamic microphones. The 6 line-level inputs can be from any device such as PC, TV, Mobile etc., Read More about Balanced 6 Channel Audio Mixer

PeopleLink Multi Channel Console DSP– Check out our Multi Channel Console DSP, which is highly scalable and can be used for audio voice conference and meetings. In order to make the audio system so authentic and pure, people started using the High Definition Audio Signal Processor. Gone are the days where people compromise with the audio video they listen or see, when you can get every sound in HD. This DSP works best for both multiple locations conference and local sound reinforcement. You can even conduct large scale video conference along with the simple audio system. This is the current most powerful DSP and amplifier coming along with microphone mixer. Read More about Multi Channel Console DSP

PeopleLink Quadro Touch– Our PeopleLink Quadro Touch smart audio conference device can be used to make conference calls through Ethernet, Bluetooth and WIFI. With every electronic device becoming modern and more convenient to use, then why should audio video conferencing devices not have a touch sensitive display screen ? Our Quadro Touch has an attractive 5.5-inch Full HD screen for giving inputs. Users can also make a call to a third person to attend the current meeting, without stopping the meeting. The sound quality is crystal clear from a 360-degree mic coverage of 5 meters. This Bluetooth conference phone uses SIP protocol to make highly reliable audio and video conference calls using Ethernet, WIFI, or Bluetooth connections. Read More about Quadro Touch

PeopleLink DSP CM– Our PeopleLink DSP CM and PeopleLink DSP CM Pro audio devices are configured with echo cancellation, noise suppression and many other sound mixing features. Digital Signal Processor acts as a filter, compressor or enhancer of digital sound signals optimally for various purposes. This DSP CM can be used with all audio video systems and ideal for converting your space suitable for conducting training, conference and business meetings. Ceiling microphones, spherical in design comes along with both DSP CM and DSP CM Pro devices, which pick up audio up to 10 meters. Read More about DSP CM