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Pulse further dwells into the specific challenges faced by inpatients and outpatients.

Pulse helps management to effectively manage the patient’s journey onsite.Patients can electronically fill out the intake form,share medical records with the doctor and complete payments before consultation through Pulse.This way,doctors need not go through medical reports during consultation,and can spend time interacting with the patient.


Find the best doctors,select time of consultation and get reminders beforehand.Schedule lab tests,view test results on your smartphone and quickly start admission process if necessary.


Select Doctor and Fix Appointment

Search for relevant doctors and access their profiles and bio.Select a doctor,view schedule and pick date and time of consultation.


Ensure Doctor Availability

Make an informed decision when visiting a hospital by previewing the doctor’s schedule.


Reduce Waiting Time

By pre-booking consultations,go to the hospital at the exact time of appointment.Also track estimated waiting time through analytics.


Book Lab Appointments

Through appointments,get lab tests done according to schedule and reduce waiting time.


Get Instant Updates

Receive lab reports,x-rays,scans directly through automatically updated medical records.


Get Admitted Sooner

Once admission status is confirmed,select bed and complete payment via bed occupancy scheduling.


Never Miss an Appointment

Receive reminders when preventive care appointments such as immunizations,screenings and check ups are due.Also cancel or reschedule appointments if necessary.


Access Health Related Information

Get key insights on ailments,view details on prescribed medicines,order medications online via the self help portal.


Get Notifications

Get medication reminders and review appointment alerts and via notifications.


Get on video calls with the doctor;view treatment schedule and medical prescriptions and share it with your family.Save all medical records to phone,access important health related information on the self help portal.


Get Involved With Treatment

Receive treatment schedule,updates on medication,estimated date of discharge on personal electronic medical records.


Keep Family Updated

Share treatment progress,doctor profile,medications with family via personal profile on Pulse.


Maintain Health Records

Have entire medical history saved and automatically updated to patient’s profile via electronic health records.


Access Health Related Information

Get key insights on ailments,view details of prescribed medicines,and order medications online via the self help portal.


View patient profile beforehand,schedule review checkups and reduce the time spent on paperwork.Keep track of patient progress,maintain regular contact with nurses and quickly pass on instructions regarding treatment.


Monitor Patients on the Go

Get instant updates on the patient’s condition,receive latest reports from nurses via messages and advice medication accordingly.


Utilize Appointment Time Effectively

Interact with patients adequately during consultation by accessing their records on immunizations,illnesses,surgeries and test results pre-consultation.


Schedule Follow up Appointments

Pulse automatically fixes appointments for patients in need of review checkups.


Manage Working Hours

Schedule availability and provide time slots for appointments.Control Patient Inflow and avoid working overtime by sharing the schedule on Pulse.


Save Valuable Time

Reduce time spent on paperwork,quickly finish patient diagnoses and generate e-prescriptions.


Receive Patient Updates Faster

For patients under observation,instantly relay information to nurses whether or not to admit them via messages.


Delegate to Nurses

Share patient information with nurses,quickly pass on instructions for treatment and medications via group messaging.


Explore, step-by-step, what you can do


Explore, step-by-step, what you can do


Medical Records Software features

  • Records,updates and archives electronic medical records
  • Produces a medical records flow sheet for each patient,which shows immunizations,illnesses,surgeries,test results and other patient information using graphs and charts
  • Combines electronic health records from all providers treating the same patient
  • Issues alerts when preventive care appointments are due
  • Patient online portal with health records upload

Scheduling Software features

  • Books appointments online 24/7
  • Makes automated appointment reminder calls/texts/emails
  • Reserves required equipment for scheduled appointments
  • Cancels and/or reschedules appointments
  • Records appointment history for each patient
  • Patient portal for self-service

Patient Encounter Software features

  • Provides electronic office check-in
  • Generates electronic intake forms that streamline a patient’s initial clinic or hospital visit
  • Tracks the time each patient must wait in the lobby-analytics
  • Tracks the progress of each consultation-start to end
  • Engages patients remotely for medication compliance,diet and exercise schedules
  • Automates patient checkout,including payment option
  • Schedules follow-up appointments
  • Captures patient reviews

Software for Inpatient Encounters

  • Automates admission process
  • Automates patient hospital discharge process
  • Generates e-charting
  • Schedules bed occupancy and maintenance
  • Tracks patients’ locations
  • Tracks patient waiting times
  • Records patient's medication
  • Coordinates emergency response
  • Schedules surgeries
  • Automates lab workflow
  • Automates ER patient workflow

Medical Billing Software features

  • Automates billing processes
  • Issues payment reminders
  • Patient Payment History
  • Billing and Invoicing

Pre-consultation software features

  • Patient profile creation
  • Input intake form
  • Waiting Time Tracking
  • Comprehensive details of the doctor (specializations, availability,fees, chamber location, ratings, patient feedbacks)
  • Online waiting room
  • Patient Queue alerts

Post-consultation features

  • Chat / Messaging
  • E-Prescribing
  • Live / Video Conferencing
  • Facility scheduling
  • Doctor visit notes
  • Patient feedback provision

Additional features

  • Electronic patient consent
  • Location based branch suggestion for Multi-branch hospitals
  • Library of health related information
  • Research and information gathering about medicine and its side-effects
  • Online medicine ordering
  • Referral Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Claims Management