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The team at Peoplelink is part of a culture that encourages innovation in ideas and products that have the scope to revolutionize video, audio and content collaboration across industries and geographies. Asapart of the Peoplelink team, you will have the opportunity to work with people that possess diverse ideas and skills in a collaborative and innovative environment.

Where do you see your self at PeopleLink?


At PeopleLink, engineering is the largest team with the best minds in technology who bring innovation to build solutions to benefit the customer. We are very selective in the kind of people we bring on board to be part of this journey. The engineering team is divided into 2 different teams based on the area of expertise and functional roles:
(i) Software Engineering team: This team builds the software applications using technologies like MERN stack, Python, WebRTC, WebKit and Socket Programming.
(ii) Hardware Engineering team: This team works on IOT projects using technologies such as Verilog, CAD, Python, Java, C/C++/Embedded C, Java script, Parasail, Mosquitto, Linux, Riot OS, Thingsquare Mist, RESTful HTTP, MQTT, XMPP, ThingWorx, EVRYTHNG, Sense and Grok Engine.


This team plays a vital role in being the “voice” of the company where they communicate with the customers, and internal and external stakeholders. They are actively engaged in executing marketing activities to make the brand/product/solution gain traction. The team has two key functional roles:
(i) Marketing planning and execution: The team members under this role are involved in - market research, digital marketing (SEO, SMM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing) and offline marketing (PR, media buying, organizing and attending workshops/ events/conferences).
(ii).Marketing Communications: The team under this role are involved but not limited to – UX/UI designing, Content Writing and Web Developers.


The Sales team builds customised end-to-end video enabled solution with PeopleLink products for our customers based on the industry and business challenge. The team has two key functional roles:
(i) Business Analysis: The team members under this role conduct market research and business analysis of the customer to understand the industry and business challenges. They map the problem statement at the customer touch points with PeopleLink’s products which act as a solution.
(ii). Solution Consulting:The team under this role conduct in depth process analysis of the customer and builds a video enabled solution using PeopleLink products. This solution is adviced to the customer and is then integrated into their business.

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