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Who We Are

Customer experience is the next competitive battle ground. It is where business is going to be won or lost.

We developed software products to help enterprises operate like new age Unicorns that have revolutionized customer experiences.

Since serving customers is a team effort we have also built products for superior video collaboration across teams regardless of where they are.


Our suite of products and solutions that facilitate high fidelity, real-time, and reliable
communications. Explore all.

Video Conference

Business travels are an added expenditure for organizations. Phone calls, mails, fax and other legacy communicative systems often fail to act as an alternative to face-to-face interactivity, thus making business travels essential. PeopleLink’s video conference solutions replicates the lifelike, face-to-face interactions in Ultra High Definition video; making business communication more realistic, effective and free from the burden of traveling expenditure.

USB Audio and Video

Audio and video conferences are ubiquitous today. They ease communication and interactions among business partners as well as customers. They are now the preferred means of communicating with stakeholders, replacing face-to-face interactions. With PeopleLink’s USB

Podium & Controllers

In case of sizable meetings, it becomes important to use the right tools and devices that ensure that they run smoothly, without any hassle. Moreover, large organizations today are required to be networked adequately to ensure that various systems are well connected. PeopleLink’s range of Podiums provide ease in conducting meetings, and Controllers facilitate seamless network of a large number of devices.

Video Applications

It is crucial for organizations to establish and maintain a consistent communication link – internally, to ensure seamless communication amongst different levels of the organization; as well as externally, with business partners and clients. This ensures steady flow of information among different stakeholders. PeopleLink’s Video Application Solutions are designed to make sure that these interactions are seamless for all parties involved.

Interactive Devices

Meetings and presentations today are focused more on how interactive they are and how successful they are in capturing the audience’s attention. The more interactive the presentations are, the more effective they will be in keeping the audience engaged. PeopleLink provides a range of robust multi-utility screens and devices that help you in conducting meetings and presentations seamlessly.


Enable your customers to drive scale, manage growth and improve faster with our partnered PeopleLink OEM/ODM Solutions. We will work for you. so that you can break through limitations and focus on the vision to create a better tomorrow. PeopleLink OEM/ODM Solutions are sector agnostic and can fuel global growth from any remote location.


Our software and hardware solutions can be used in a wide variety of industries.


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