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Many modern businesses rely on video conferencing to meet with geographically dispersed colleagues and business partners. That's why it's so important to choose the right video conference service for your business needs.



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Best Video Conferencing solution for Business? PeopleLink is the Smartest Choice.

A better communication paves way for a better business. With the growing sophistication of conferencing platform especially video conferencing and the criticality of businesses, many organizations find video calls more engaging, reliable, user friendly, and helps to achieve good productivity.

Based on a research done by Forbes in 2018, 75% of the respondents agree that video conferencing system improves the performance of the team drastically and so becomes the best way to connect with employees, partners and clients who are at geographically distant locations.

Our design specialists and developers at PeopleLink have taken utmost care in providing every business with the best custom built video conference solution to suit every need and budget.

Video Conferencing system designed for every platform – PeopleLink

Understanding the market needs, we provide you with the best suitable high quality video conferencing system that is extremely customizable unlike any other video conferencing provider in the industry. With a range of solutions to choose from:

  1. Hardware endpoint based video conferencing solutions
  2. Software based video conferencing solutions
  3. Web based video conferencing solutions
  4. Hybrid video conferencing which utilizes the power of software and hardware into one.

1) Hardware Based Video Conferencing

At PeopleLink we provide Hardware Based Video Conferencing services to those businesses that wnt to continue using legacy video conferencing setup. By adding new hardware endpoint devices from PeopleLink or upgrading their existing setup gives way for higher performance and flexibility to add more locations to the network seamlessly.

Following are the features of our hardware based video conference endpoints, and codecs that make our services unique in the market:

Hardware based Video Conferencing is ideal in the following scenarios:

Conference rooms:

Conference rooms are ideal place for having Hardware Based Video Conferences because the devices and room acoustics can be perfectly controlled or adjusted by a single controller. Say, the positioning of the camera, ambience, white board everything can be easily automated and make the room perfect for video conferencing.

H.323 Existing Infrastructure users:

There might be certain scenario in which customers would have purchased many hardware devices following H.323 standards in the past, and currently would want to add few end points to their video conferencing room set up. For this scenario, our hardware based service is an ideal solution.

Smart Classroom and Virtual Classroom:

In recent times, education sectors are also working towards increasing their reach and take teaching outside the boundaries of a regular classroom using online tools like video conferencing and getting most out of tech-savvy devices. Many institutions now want to video record the class room lectures using the hardware end points, which has inbuilt video conferencing camera, mic, and codec.

2) Software Based Video Conferencing

Software Based Video Conferencing saw its onset from the new millennium and from then on it drastically improvised and gave a new meaning and flexibility to Video Conferencing. Yes, the revolution in the internet speed opened a new horizon in software platforms. When new software applications were developed for tele communication, it took over the world of video conferencing.

Video Conferencing Solutions were made cost effective, as the need to buy hardware devices reduced considerable and most of the features were developed as software applications.

Software Based Video Conferencing more like a modern flexible endpoints (with inbuilt modern codecs), MCUs etc., PeopleLink, software based video conferencing provides an affordable, easy to use video conferencing that users can download one time and after that join into video conference meetings with a simple click.

Software Video Conferencing - PeopleLink Advantage

Fully loaded Collaborative Features:

On the whole, PeopleLink’s Software Based Video Conferencing gives a variety of features which can be utilized even at a low bandwidth scenario. It can be easily installed in your conference rooms, or class rooms or auditorium with stunning costs.

Web conferencing, Web based Video Conferencing – A futuristic Approach

In this world, ‘everything is subject to change’ and this phrase is relevant to video conferencing technology as well. Software based video conferencing brought great changes to telecommunication world during the new millennium and now after nearly two decades, Web Based technology redefines the term video conferencing, revolutionizing it. The main reason behind this revolution is the WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) technology which allows the web browsers to do coding and decoding of the video and audio signals.

Yes, Web Conferencing, as the name suggests creates conferencing platform on your web browsers as such. This makes video conferencing meetings very simple and easy to connect into, directly from web browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc., without the need of downloading software applications or plugins.

What solutions you get from PeopleLink?

Setting up PeopleLink’s Web Based Video Conferencing in your meeting rooms can be done very quickly and is relatively inexpensive when compared with the legacy video conferencing methods. At PeopleLink we provide options to integrate video conferencing into your business applications using API Integration.

You are just one click away from connecting to your video meetings. All you have to do is create an account for free and you are ready to start your business video conference meetings. With BYOD support, you are free to start your video meetings from the device of your choice, be it mobile, desktop, laptop, huddle room or large conference room set up.

PeopleLink Web TelePresence WTP

PeopleLink is the first solution provider to enable the Telepresence over Web Based Video Conferencing. With 4k video and audio it feels just like having the person or team sitting in your very room. PeopleLink’s WebRTC based client less video conferencing system gives you a great meeting experience like never before, even at low bandwidth.

Features of Web Telepresence by PeopleLink

PeopleLink’s Multi Display Telepresence

Multi Display Telepresence provides Web Based Video Conferencing at ultra-high definition. This makes the meetings more realistic, engaging and assists in sharing rich media to all the participants. Also, with this WebRTC based solution, you get mobile touch-sensitive controller, which controls the conference room set-up with just single touch, ideal for conducting the conference.

Features of Multi Display Telepresence by PeopleLink

How does PeopleLink adapt to the changing video conferencing market trend?

PeopleLink understands the way technology changes business communication on their day-to-day basis. We closely monitor the need and demand of the industry and come up with video conferencing solutions that suit not just one genre of business but many. PeopleLink is also very particular in giving business solutions that are highly customizable for the customers.

We do comprehensive research on the market trend and come up with analytics, based on which we device new products, add features to the existing products, that are cost effective. This has helped us cover a wide range of industries – Education, Retail, Healthcare, Government etc., resulting in happy customers. PeopleLink provides video conferencing solutions for all types of business needs, which include Hardware, Software, and Web Based Video Conferencing solutions.