A. The conventional Video Conferencing solutions used to work majorly with the motive to share information to remote locations and distant people, but it was not a very much advanced one. But with the advancement in technology, multiple ways of Video Conferencing have emerged in the market having advanced features.

The basic requirements for Video Conferencing solutions include:
  • Installing Video Conferencing applications
  • Good and Impactful Internet Connectivity
  • Complete hardware setup with Camera,microphone and Headphones
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills

But instead of this conventional setup with limited functionality, if you are looking for advanced featured Video Conferencing solutions available in the market in which you do not need to install or download any software. With Just a simple invitation link through mail to the respective guest by the host, and with access to desktop screen and microphone or laptop screen and speaker, the meeting starts. Not only limited to virtual conferencing but also sharing information in the form of presentations, audios, videos, and documents is also possible. PeopleLink InstaVC by PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd. is one such solution. To experience a more lifelike experience, the below-mentioned features of InstaVC are:

  • No additional downloading or installation of software, just with existing web browsers, the Video Conferencing can be organized by the professionals.
  • Supports the majority of browsers.
  • With https protocol ensures the safety and security of user data.
  • Easy data sharing with files such as documents, presentations, videos, and audios.
  • Professionals can organize occasional as well as routine meetings with this application with pre-scheduling. Just the confirmation of the host is required.
  • This Video Conferencing solution ensures effective connectivity at low bandwidth, and with full HD resolution.
  • Even admins can create and control the rooms for the participants.
  • With the HAND RAISE option, participants during Video Conferencing can share their insights.
  • Instead of giving complete access to all files at the device, the web-based Video Conferencing solution has the feature to restrict access to specific applications of the system.

A. With Peoplelink Video Conferencing solution, you don’t need to download or install any software separately. Just with your existing Video Conferencing hardware, and through a simple invitation link, you can connect with anyone from anywhere.

What you need to do is just create a room and invite your guests with whom you want to interact. The moment your guest will visit the shared link, their mic and camera will start online streaming automatically. Along with Video Conferencing, this solution provides screen sharing, documents sharing, audio-video recording, and some other handy features.

Some salient features which are offered by PeopleLink WebRTC based Video Conferencing Solution are:
  • Easy Installation Just with the help of a camera and microphone, you can start the Video Conferencing. No additional applications or software are required for downloading or installation. Just a chat room needs to be created.
  • Audio Assistance Even, at low bandwidth, the high-quality audio, and full HD resolution video, quality is ensured with this solution. As per the convenience of the host, he can control the activities of the guest.
  • Multi-Platform/Multiple Operating System Coverage PeopleLink Video Conferencing Solutions supports the majority of the operating systems and browsers while making the connectivity easier for professionals. Even an invitation link can also be shared through whats app.
  • Document Sharing The Video Conferencing solution provides document and video sharing along with Video Conferencing.
  • Security The PeopleLink Video Conferencing Solution ensures the security of the information shared during the interaction. You can be assured about the safety of the entire process without any infringement.

A. In the market, there are multiple tools available for open source Video Conferencing solutions that do not require any downloading or installation. But I would also like to turn your attention towards WebRTC technology. Unlike other virtual meetings with large investments, this one comes with easy access and integration to web applications. You do not require to go for additional devices or tools for it.

Our company PeopleLink “India’s Most Trusted Audio-Video Conferencing Company” has InstaVC Solution for web meetings, and the results are exceptionally shocking. The solution has given us tremendously positive outcomes. This WebRTC based 4K Video Conferencing solution by PeopleLink Unified Communication serves as an aid for multi-party conferencing without downloading and installing any software or applications. Just with the existing browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera Mini, etc. you can organize and manage your virtual meetings. The added benefit of InstaVC is that it enables you to experience the best and high-resolution video and noise and echo-free audio conferencing experience, without any additional plugins.

Some of the key features of this Video Conferencing solution include:
  • Recording quality videos for further future references
  • Sharing the screen as well as content during presentation
  • The enterprise-grade security ensures the safety and security of professionals’ meetings and conferences
  • With enterprise firewalls on existing ports, you can minimize necessity to change existing security policies
  • Even use the interactive whiteboard with stylus and mouse inputs to focus on content
  • Up to 99 participants continuous presence during Video Conferencing at the mixing architecture
  • 25 participants continuous presence in forwarding architecture
  • This VC solution has the capabilities to capture from six cameras along with their individual telecasting
  • Just a single invitation link through email to invite participants and you are ready for interaction
  • Private and Group chat facility along with file transferring
  • WebRTC, H.323, and SIP supported web conferencing solution
  • You can add your own company logo with InstaVC PRO MCU

A. Specialized Video Conference setups are required for conducting professional Video Conferencing meetings in large Auditoriums, Along with Speaker Track cameras and Speaker audio systems the most other important thing to consider for this setup is micrphones and their working. Despite using a common “room” mic, wireless lapel mics, Hand held mics or Podium mic with feed to the video system is crucial. Manual or Automatic mute control to the users is an important factor to consider for Video Conferencing solutions. The dedicated sound person is usually the best one for large audience situations.

And all of these requirements of mine related to big auditoriums are matched by PeopleLink InstaCast solution along with supported AV Hardware devices, which ensures the real-time and impactful engagement of the audience. This Video Conferencing Solutions deliver live H.264 video everywhere, uses any H.264 Encoder, Live Streaming with Birate Content, Stream VOD Adaptive Bitrate, Secure Content, On-Demand H.264 Delivery everywhere, Premium Viewing Experience, and it reaches to the unlimited number of audience groups.

Benefits of using Peopleink Video Conferencing solution for Big Auditoriums:

Can Expand Your Reach : With PeopleLink VC solution Unlimited number of Online participants can watch live session using a pc, tablet or smartphone

Engage Your Audience : Because of the interactive nature of the solution, Video meetings form an ideal instrument to raise the level of involvement with your product or brand.

Know and Broaden your Target Group : Peoplelink VC solution provides you with the opportunity to better identify your target audience.

Collect and Unlock Knowledge : The webcast recordings allow you to further disseminate your information. You can build an archive and continue to unlock it through digital technology.

Enjoy Operation Benefits and Lower Costs : Less travel time, more compact events, more options concerning the time and location of events. All this results in cost savings.

The reasons why InstaCast is so effective are:

  • Manageable
  • High Performance
  • Cross-Platform
  • Reliable
  • Economical
  • Scalable
  • Extensible
  • Unified

A. Absolutely, Yes. There are multiple companies who provide Video Conferencing tool with “Guest Invitation.” Among all of them, PeopleLink Unified Communications Video Conferencing solutions is the best. InstaVC by PeopleLink is a WebRTC based Video Conferencing solution on cloud that works on the majority of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Safari, and a lot others. It is an entirely web based solution with no extra downloads and installing. This intuitive user interface is simple to use that too without any security threat..

Simply Click & Join :

Invite Participants to your video meetings with a simple email invitation Link. Invites will simply click the link and Join the Video Conferencing meeting. No separate Login required for participants invited by Email link. It is that simple!!

  1. The key features of this browser-based Video Conferencing solution include:
  2. There is no need to download and install any additional software
  3. The online conferencing solution supports majority of browsers
  4. Ensures security of meetings without any additional Network Port Opening.
  5. The solution works on HTTPS protocol which is extremely safe and secure.
  6. The organizations or companies can optimize, improve, and streamline the meeting room bookings in advance as per their requirements. Only the host needs to confirm the availability of the other side.
  7. The web conferencing solution ensures connectivity even at rural areas with high – quality Video Conferencing at the low bandwidth.
  8. Admins have complete control to create new rooms for the guest and give access to guests to join the video conference
  9. Just with the HAND RAISE option, participants can express their opinions.
  10. With easy screen sharing option during Video Conferencing important documents, videos, and images can be shared with security.
  11. You can restrict access to only a specific application like MS Word, PPT, without giving access to the rest of your PC to other people.

A. To opt for a relative WebRTC based Video Conferencing solution is dependent on your professional requirements and how you are going to implement the same for web meetings. In the market, there are multiple types of standalone solutions for web meetings that can provide you the solution matchable to your requirements without any hassle.

With the use of WebRTC based Video Conferencing solutions ( www.instavc.com ), the data is transferred in a less period with the best quality of audio and Video Conferencing. The foremost advantage of these types of solutions is that it supports the majority of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera Mini, etc. You do not need to download or install any application or software, just with the existing devices or browsers, your conferencing can be successful.

I would recommend you all PeopleLink InstaVC Video Conferencing (www.instavc.com ) Solutions. It is the easiest solution to deploy and use for professional web meetings. This hassle-free web meeting solution enables professionals to organize Video Conferencing on any device of their choice.

The key features of InstaVC Solutions include:

  • No Downloads ( WebRTC ) InstaVC is WebRTC based Video Conferencing solution on a cloud which works on all major browsers including google chrome, Microsoft internet explorer, safari, Firefox, opera and more. No extra downloads or plugins required. Extremely simple to use and intuitive user interface, without the hassle or security threat of any downloads. Simply click and Join.
  • Recording An optional server for recording and storing Video Conferencing meetings at server end can be set up as per your business requirement.
  • Multi-Party Video Conferencing The Video Conferencing Solution comes with the full HD audio clarity and Video Conferencing quality up to 4K resolution at the optimized bandwidth and having multiple party support.
  • Supports 4k And Ultra HD Resolution Supports 4K and Ultra HD (at 10Mbps bandwidth), Full HD 1080p (at 2.5 Mbps required), HD 720p (at 1.4 Mbps required), VGA 480p (at 512 kbps required) and SIF 240p (at 256 kbps required). Freedom to choose your video meeting clarity based on your bandwidth availability.
  • Collaboration & Sharing Tools Screen-share, Document share, Presentation share, Application share, Interactive whiteboard, Group, and Private chat, conduct user polls, become a host, auto layout switching, full-screen mode, self-mute, participant mute for administrator, invite guests to join your Video Conferencing meetings.
  • Fully Secure Video Meetings: Provides Secure Video meetings with 128-bit AES encryption, TTLS for video security, SRTP for data transportation security
  • Continuous Presence With 9 participants’ continuous presence in forwarding architecture and up to 25 participants in mixing architecture, this Video Conferencing solution is crucial to the organization’s requirements.
  • Now Use your own Company’s Logo (Optional) The professional can have the benefit of using their own company’s logo during Video Conferencing, which can serve as an authoritative point.
  • Secure Solution This solution comes with the host-based license, which is locked with an authorized email id.
  • Dedicated Virtual Rooms Video Conferencing ready rooms on the cloud with conference access without pre-scheduling.
  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device Support Professionals can connect the solution with the device of their own choice and as per their convenience. It can be a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or even the meeting rooms.
  • Schedule Meeting with Recurring Schedule The professionals are provided with the advantage to pre-schedule their Video Conferencing meetings. If there is a requirement to organize the meetings daily, then they don’t need to organize it daily.
  • Convenient Management of Conference Room This webRTC based Video Conferencing solution provides easy management with a complete user profile information directory.
  • Firewall Traversal Built-in smart capability to support connection through enterprise firewalls and proxies, hence minimal port opening required on your enterprise network for enabling Video Conferencing.
  • Rich Conferencing Features The solution has rich Video Conferencing features like large meeting rooms, cloud recording, video mixing layout switch, voice-activated switching layout control, and advanced management.
  • Outlook & Gmail Integration InstaVC Video Conferencing MCU is equipped with integrated Gmail and Outlook, which makes it easy to send video meeting invitation emails to your guests.
  • Dependable Reliability High resilience to packet loss and jitter and other network affecting factors. With intelligent dynamic resolution switch and bitrate adjustment, 50% less bandwidth is consumed for your video conference meetings. With Intelligent adaptation to varying bandwidth automatically, InstaVC Video Conferencing is the most preferred choice of users and network administrators.
  • Three Screen Support (Optional) InstaVC provides three screen support, enabling you to display participant videos on two screens and data presentation on the third screen; you can get different data on different screens.
  • Dual Architecture Support Mixing (video of all locations gets mixed into single) and forwarding (option to choose separate videos for each location in 4 display telepresence

A. While talking about the communication process, it is always about a two-way cycle to share any information.

“Communication is a two – way process which starts with the sender sharing a bunch of information to the targeted receiver through a channel, and the process ends with positive feedback.”

So, now talking about various communication modes, PeopleLink instaVC Video Conference call is one of the most popular channels of communication in the present era where sender, as well as the receiver, interact with each other through electronic mediums, having a life-like interaction experience with being physically present at that particular location. So as per conventional appropriate definition of communication, virtual meetings are also two-way communication. But for the convenience of the speaker, sometimes the microphones are muted for the guest party so that the message is delivered without any interruption. And as soon as the speaker completes the information transfer during the video conference, the guest party is given chances to resolve their queries and share suggestions if any.

In my personal opinion, Video Conferencing is a two-way communication because of following reasons:

  • The passiveness of the host will make the entire communication process fail during Video Conferencing.
  • The assurance about the successful delivery of information can confirm with two-way communication only.
  • The use of technical devices from both sides during Video Conferencing assure you for the successful delivery of messages.
  • The components of the communication process are fulfilled only with the feedback
  • The clarification about company policies, products, services, and discussion with two-way communication only.

A. Passionate about training? Want to convert your passion into a profession? So the good quality content is available with you. You want to train individuals in the online format. Do you mean Online Virtual Training? This online training nowadays is becoming very popular among professionals. There are thousands of specialized companies in the market that assist professionals in the implementation of online training. This virtual training is based on the content provided by the trainers. This will enable companies to have a wider approach to the expected trainees from distant locations irrespective of geographical boundaries. Even the scholars will have access to a variety of courses along with learning as per their comfort level. All this has become easily accessible with the advent of cloud services.

The following points will enable you to implement distant learning:

  • Designing the Content
  • Looking for Creative Ways to make sessions Interactive
  • Deciding the mode of content Delivery whether live, off the server, directly providing to the customers
  • Preparing the required system and proceeding accordingly

So after getting inside the basics of remote learning, there comes the leading company to assist you in the implementation of the same. PeopleLink Unified Communication is well known for its Virtual Smart Classroom Solution that is modified as per the requirements of the education industry. The company effectively identifies the multiple challenges faced by the education industry at the initial level itself. Its products are not limited to the improvement of the classroom functions but go beyond to cater to the requirements of the educators, learners, scholars, management, and sometimes even parents. The primary objective of the solution is to raise the level of standard of performance among students and to eradicate the issues or barriers that stand in the easy adoption of new technologies.

The major functions of PeopleLink Virtual Smart Classroom and InstaClassroom solution include:

  • Internal Multi-Location Meetings Helps multi-campus institutes to stay connected with each other while empowering professors to collaborate with online communication. With a real-life setup, uniformity in the information sharing process can be established. Even administrators can also have an effective interaction process.
  • CMS and Lecture Capture Recording of lectures for further distribution and distant viewing is another challenge, but with PeopleLink’s hardware and software solutions reliable and complete information can be stored. The Lecture Tracking camera with high-end camera control system, automated camera tracking system, and PeopleLink InstaCast, all are capable of automating lecture capture.
  • E-Tutoring Intuitive online tools and reliable remote learning programs will optimize students – teacher interaction. PeopleLink Acumen, vLMS, and InstaCast are ideal remote learning programs. Not only limited to training the scholars and allocation of assignments along with the submission of the same but also peer interaction.
  • Virtual Training Using vLMS PeopleLink’s Acumen is a vLMS that serves as a virtual collaborative platform to make distance learning possible irrespective of geographical locations with the utmost convenience. This bridges the gap between educators and learners. All these turn this solution into a global training platform.
  • Remote Interview Now remote learning is not limited to the training process only but it also provides job opportunities. Now, the recruiters have more scope to shortlist the candidates at the global platform just with the online sessions.
  • Virtual Counseling Remote training is not about taking online classes. But its initial phase starts with opting for the right course curriculum. So the counseling plays a vital role for the same. The impactful counseling sessions are organized by trainers for the students and parents with the use of PeopleLink’s hardware and InstaVC software.

A. InstaVC by PeopleLink is one of the most secure WebRTC based Video Conferencing solutions that provides larger than life web-based Video Conferencing experience that meets international Video Conferencing standards. This 4K Video Conferencing solution is ideal for remote working and Work From Home culture. This browser-based solution does not require any downloads and installations and works with all popular browsers. The revolutionized experience is felt for business and every consumer segment for interaction.

This web-based Video Conferencing solution works efficiently to connect with innumerable participants of your choice but with Continuous video presence feature 25 participants videos can be viewed at a time. So this one can serve as an added advantage to get the best of connectivity with the participants of your choice.

And, you do not need to install and download any software not only for Video Conferencing but also for data transferring like documents, files, presentations, and videos. The https protocol ensures the security and safety of your information.

Some of the key features of instaVC solution:

  • No Downloads
  • Multi-Party Video Conferencing @4K
  • Video Recording for future references
  • Screen and Content sharing at the time of presentation
  • Pre-Schedule Your Meetings In Advance and Conference Scheduling With Recurring Schedule
  • HTTPS, DTLS-SRTP protocols for enterprise-grade security
  • Let your video and audio interaction pass through enterprise firewalls on existing ports, to minimize necessity to change existing security policies
  • Interactive whiteboard with stylus and mouse inputs
  • 25 participants continuous presence
  • Capturing capabilities from upto 6 cameras and their individual telecasting
  • Single invitation link through email to invite participants’
  • Private and Group chat facility while sharing files
  • WebRTC, H.323, and SIP supported interoperability
  • Add your own company logo with InstaVC PRO MCU

A. When it comes to selecting tools for web conferencing, reliability, connectivity, and ease of use are the primary concerns. All these concerns are addressed with PeopleLink’s Solutions for web conferencing. Their web conferencing solutions work perfectly well at low bandwidths and the backup server makes the software extremely reliable and working 100% of the time. I recommend PeopleLink when going in for a web conferencing solution.

A.WebRTC stands for web real time communication. This technology is now being used for real time communication in businesses, education, and healthcare sectors. Software based on WebRTC does not require any downloads and can be operated right from the browser. There are solutions in the video conferencing market based on WebRTC like ProctorExam, Snapchat, Facebook messenger. Of all these products, PeopleLink’s InstaVC stands out as a WebRTC conferencing solution. It can connect up to 100 participants in a meeting with 4k resolution videos at optimized bandwidths. It also has additional features of screen sharing, digital whiteboard, and annotations which makes your presentations more interactive and effective. Since it works even at low bandwidths, you can even connect to areas where there are bandwidth issues.

A.Depending on the requirement, I would suggest PeopleLink’s webcasting and video conferencing software. PeopleLink offers video conferencing solutions which connect up to 1000 participants at a time with up to 4k resolution at optimized bandwidths.

Some of the other features of the products are:

  • Desktop and document Sharing
  • Digital Whiteboard to make effective presentations
  • Polls and surveys while in conference
  • Public and private chat while in conference
  • File transfer during a conference
  • Compatible with any device like a Smart Phone or a tablet

A.Live Webcasting is the next generation of solutions for promoting and advertising products. You can launch or promote products by making the event live. With webcasting, you can have an extremely interactive session on the internet. InstaCast by PeopleLink is a powerful multi-threaded software that delivers up to 10 Gbps of video streaming performance for on-demand and live streaming. An extensive set of Embed Code and iFrames extend its functionality to fit perfectly with your applications and environment to take your streaming to an entirely new level.

A.With over 10 years of Video Conferencing industry experience, PeopleLink has emerged as one of the most trusted names in the conferencing industry that can you’re your webcasting requirement to new heights.

Full HD images and excellent understanding of internet technologies enables us to deliver high quality streams even at low bandwidths over all platforms and devices.

PeopleLink’s InstaCast is powerful software that is just the perfect match for your webcasting needs. Its set of Embed Code and iFrames fit perfectly with your existing applications and environment and take your webcasting to a new level.

A.Telepresence is a high-definition videoconferencing service which gives the user virtual face-to-face meeting experience without spending money on travel. Telepresence gives a new dimension to your meetings where it allows you to connect with people beyond geographical boundaries as if they were in the same room.

OmniPresence from PeopleLink is once such Telepresence platform for lifelike, face-to-face interactions in Ultra High Definition video which makes business communication more realistic and effective. With OmniPresence you can have a full, centralized control of online interactions, including sharing of rich media for optimal Telepresence sessions.

A.We live in a world where technology has become a part of life. People lived a fast-paced life these days where verbal communication has taken a backseat. However, with the advancement that modern day technology has made it has become much easier for people to communicate with each other easily. Mobile phone is one such example where people can communicate with each other regardless of where they are. In the same lines, video calling and video conferencing has been a revolution in the field of communication. People from diverse locations across the globe can visually communicate with each other through video conferencing. It not only helps in speeding up the work flow in large organizations but also helps boost business by closing deals at a faster rate. From a broader perspective, video conferencing helps relatives living in remote areas to connect with each other visually by just a click of a button. PeopleLink’s Web Based Telepresence Software is just the kind of product that organizations look for. The software is easy to use, does not require any downloads or plug-ins, and a video conferencing session can be started from any device whether it be a desktop, laptop, or even a mobile phone. That makes it extremely cost effective for organizations to communicate and conduct meetings without setting up a physical venue. Images up to 4k at optimized bandwidth and rich data sharing makes presentations more effective and file transfer easier.

A.With over 10 years of Video Conferencing industry experience, PeopleLink has emerged as one of the most trusted names in the video conferencing industry in India. PeopleLink’s sets the benchmark for providing the best video conferencing services at optimized bandwidths. With images up to 4k and a bility to conduct conferences even at remote areas where connectivity is an issue PeopleLink by far has been delivering the best video conferencing services in India.

A.Video Conferencing has proved to be an excellent tool to increase the productivity of employees in an organization. Interoffice meetings across all departments and branches at diverse locations are conducted through video conference allocating targets to team members and awarding good performers. Presentations through charts and graphs give the whole team an overview of their performance. Video conferencing brings about transparency within the organization where the higher ups can always be contacted through a video conference in cases of grievances or doubts. On the other hand, the management can monitor the performance of every individual and guide them in achieving their targets. A close knit unit is always beneficial to an organization and paves way for better performance and output from all the employees in general.

A.With comprehensive use, video conferencing can replace business travels greatly, if not completely. Most business travels get initiated from the need of business communications, training or knowledge transfer. An enterprise-level video conferencing can help organization with all the above mentioned activities, thus reducing the traveling need and the cost involved to a great extent.

PeopleLink’s ultra-HD video conferencing solutions, customized to fit various business verticals have the features like screen and document sharing, bandwidth adjustability to ensure HD quality audio-video in low bandwidth, rich media sharing in real-time can really allow clients in multiple business verticals ignore traveling on business.