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PeopleLink is listed on Government e-Marketplace (GeM)

PeopleLink’s commitment to India’s digital transformation journey is exemplified through our presence on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM). GeM serves as a centralized platform for government and public sector organizations to streamline procurement, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accessibility. With our GeM integration, government entities can effortlessly acquire our cutting-edge AV conferencing solutions, Education Solutions including EdTech Smart Classrooms, Virtual Classrooms & Hybrid Classroom solutions, Telemedicine and TeleHealth solutions, facilitating enhanced communication and collaboration across various sectors.

PeopleLink GeM

PeopleLink: Leading in-house R&D DSIR certified, Make in India, Award winning Company for Global AV & EdTech Smart and Hybrid Classroom Solutions

PeopleLink’s commitment to technology and innovation is recognized by the Government of India with the prestigious DSIR certificate for in-house R&D. This certification acknowledges our in-house R&D unit’s dedication to cutting-edge manufacturing and technological advancement and contribution to the nation’s technological growth.

Join our Global Partner network across all major continents today and Elevate your business with Make-in-India cutting-edge solutions for Enterprise , Government , Healthcare, Defense, Hybrid EdTech Education Solutions and more.

Customized Solutions - Make in India and Exported Globally:

research, product development and manufacturing team allows us to offer customized solutions to our customers which suit all budgets and requirements. Weather your organization needs a work from home solution or solution for large Telepresence set up, PeopleLink offers one stop shop for all your AV Technology needs. We work within your budget to upgrade your existing infrastructure or design a completely new technology set up from scratch.

PeopleLink make-in-india

PeopleLink offers a wide range of audio and video conferencing products, including:

AI enabled PTZ and Video conferencing cameras
Smart Classroom, Virtual Classroom & Hybrid Classroom solutions for inperson as well as online learning
Customized Large scale Telepresence systems
All in one Video Bars compatible with multiple Video conferencing systems
Microphones and Headsets
Customized Room based solutions for all Room types including Work from home, Huddle Rooms, Meeting rooms, Large Conference rooms and Auditoriums
Windows and Android based Codec systems
Wireless Presentation Systems
Interactive Touch displays
Video conferencing software
Customize Software Solutions to integrate VideoAPI with your existing Business applications including CRM, HRMS, KYC apps and more.
Look at me and Room Control Systems
Powers one of the world's largest Telemedicine solutions

Customized video conferencing applications for multiple industry types including Government, Defense, Education, Healthcare, Enterprise, High Value Retail Shopping, Consulting and more.

Certified Excellence in AV Conferencing (Hardware & Software)

PeopleLink has earned recognition as a certified Make in India company and exporting AV products globally and is dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards and innovative practices. As part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, our commitment to producing world-class EdTech Smart Classroom and Audio Video conferencing solutions has contributed significantly to the growth of the Indian technology sector.

Investing in Research and Innovating Communication Technology

At the core of PeopleLink’s success lies its unwavering commitment to innovation. We invest significantly in research and development, consistently pushing the boundaries of audio and video communication technology. This dedication has resulted in a diverse range of products tailored to industries such as education, healthcare, government, and corporate sectors.

In today’s digital landscape, choosing the Best Audio video conferencing equipment and software is paramount for Business Meetings and Collaboration. As an award winning and certified Make in India enterprise, PeopleLink stands at the forefront of this transformative communication revolution, manufacturing audio-video conferencing solutions in both Hardware and Software. These high-quality products are accessible on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) and are also exported globally, underscoring India’s technological innovation and manufacturing excellence. PeopleLink is committed to the Make in India program. Our in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Hyderabad, India, is equipped with the latest technology and employs a large team of highly skilled engineers and technicians.

Global Reach and Impact

PeopleLink’s products have transcended national borders, gaining recognition on the global stage. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and affordability has led to the export of our solutions to countries worldwide. This not only bolsters India’s reputation as a technology hub but also enables businesses and institutions worldwide to benefit from state-of-the-art communication solutions. PeopleLink’s products are exported to over 30 countries around the world. The company’s major export markets include the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia and now establishing its presence across North America.

Why Choose PeopleLink?

Uncompromising Quality: Every PeopleLink product undergoes rigorous quality assessments to ensure top-notch performance and reliability.

Pioneering Innovation: Our in house focus on research and development allows us to continually advance our technology to meet evolving communication needs.

Affordability: PeopleLink believes in making advanced communication technology accessible to all, without sacrificing quality.

Global Presence: Our products have gained acceptance worldwide, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Dedicated Support and Service: Our committed Pre and Post Sales support and service teams ensure customers receive swift assistance and maintenance, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication.

Join the Communication Revolution

PeopleLink’s journey as a leading Make in India company manufacturing AV conferencing solutions, accessible on GeM, and being globally recognized is a testament to India’s growing technological prowess. With a dedication to innovation, quality, and affordability, PeopleLink empowers businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government organizations to communicate and collaborate effectively in an increasingly interconnected world.

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