Set up a Best Smart Virtual Classroom Solutions with PeopleLink

The need for smart classrooms in schools, colleges, universities and online tutorials is increasing day by day. It is increasingly important for the technical departments of Schools, Universities, and Colleges to understand how to set up the best smart classroom solution for their organization.

An ideal smart and virtual classroom solution not only should provide a seamless classroom environment for the students and teachers but should be easy to set up and use and Affordable to implement. PeopleLink offers smart classroom solutions that transform every traditional classroom to a boundary-less virtual space where students and teachers can interact in a face to face real life like session very easily. This on-demand learning helps students to have a better learning curve wherever they are – either on-campus or off-campus.

With PeopleLink’s complete online classroom package that operates on a unified communications platform, All you need is a moderate bandwidth network coverage in your school or college or any online teaching institute to get the maximum user experience. With innovative and meaningful use of technology, PeopleLink is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools.

Smart classroom technology is a success as visually attractive methods of teaching engage the audio-visual senses and are proven to be more appealing to the students.

Let us understand the main basic requirements to set up a successful Smart Virtual Classroom Solution with PeopleLink.

Desktop , Laptop, Tab or Mobile with Internet Connectivity

The use of familiar technology like desktop or laptop makes students feel more comfortable and confident. Students can connect from their home or distant location to the teacher using the device of their choice as a desktop, laptop or mobile.

Digital Podium (at Teacher’s location)

Digital Podiums are the modern version of the classic podiums with inbuilt touch screen monitor and laptop interface. This e-podium’s laptop interface is just like any other laptop, enabling you to connect to the internet with video, audio, USB ports, etc. These new-gen podiums are ideal for any smart online classroom and pave way for smarter lectures, seminars, and presentations. These smart podiums come with microphones and digital signal processor which produces HD quality audio.

The lecturer/instructor can operate the whiteboard from the podium using the touch screen monitor, which eradicates the visibility issues among the audience. Proper engaging with the students/attendees can be done. These seamless designs give your smart class room’s or auditorium’s rostrum a great advantage. PeopleLink provides a wide variety of digital podiums.

Auto Speaker Tracking Camera – The teacher can move around freely without the need of an additional person to manage the camera.

The PeopleLink’s speaker tracking camera as the name suggests works with audio positioning and face detection technology. With 12x optical zoom, and 72.5 ° field of view the camera precisely tracks your speaker. This audio-visual tracking camera has inbuilt meeting algorithms that switch between zoom in the speaker and the panoramic view of the enter online classroom as programmed.

This smart camera is exclusively designed for video conferencing, video chats, streaming, recordings from virtual classrooms, auditoriums, etc. The H.264/H.265 video compression and 1080p resolution with 60 fps make every video call or recordings crystal clear giving face-to-face like user experience. This teacher tracking camera has HDMI output, audio output and audio inputs highly compatible with your existing video conferencing system.

Student Tracking Camera – Keep track of all Students connected from different locations

PeopleLink’s student tracking camera is a smart PTZ camera that auto-tracks, and captures the audience in online classrooms, auditoriums or any conference rooms. Auto-tracking and auto-zoom in and zoom out (up to 20x optical zoom) are possible with the embedded image processing and analysis algorithms. Users can configure these cameras very easily with just a few steps. These auto-tracking video conferencing cameras can record high-quality videos (1080p with H.264 video compression) and stores in a local storage module. It also has a static wide-angle camera to capture the classroom at a wider angle.

Where to use this?

Consider that your math teacher has not come to your class due to personal reasons. But has informed that he will connect from home as he knows that yours is a online smart classroom. In such a scenario, the student tracking camera relays the picture-perfect video to the remote location where the lecturer is located.

Document Visualizer – Project Your Documents on Large Screen

Document Visualizers is one of the key players in a smart classroom, meeting room, or training room as it helps every student participant to view the shared documents on screen at full HD resolution. PeopleLink offers you industry best document visualizer named PeopleLink iVision Beta. The smart camera of this device allows you to magnify the document up to 32x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom making the document easily readable. The camera can be rotated at an angle of 350 degrees both horizontally and vertically so that you can get improved coverage of the document.

This camera document scanner’s output can be connected not only to a projector but also to Desktop PC, Laptop, and RGB display out. You could also use the HDMI Port to transmit both high definition video and audio output at the same time.

This makes the document visualizer highly versatile and compatible. The document visualizer’s peripheral also helps to connect to a mic, two audio inputs (from PC and laptop) and audio out enabling the device to send audio along with the shared documents.

Its’ portable design, the camera cover, the intuitive control panel and the left/right fill lights on top of the document tray are added advantages of this document camera visualizer.

Audio DSP and Ceiling Microphones – Hear every Participant Clearly

Are you are looking for a complete and integrated solution for high-quality audio communication for your training rooms, virtual classrooms or any conferencing rooms? Try our PeopleLink DSP CM Pro, you will know why it is the best choice. Our Voice Collaboration DSPs are configured with echo cancellation, noise suppression, and high SNR.

Our Digital Signal Processors supports the wireless mic and has the best mixer which does intelligent sound mixing and recording. The audio processing is basically done with the 3rd Generation of Auctopus Audio Processing Algorithm. Along with this DSP CM Pro, PeopleLink offers Spherical ceiling microphones, which is capable of picking up HD audio up to 10 meters.

This digital audio processor has six 3.81 phoenix interface and bus structure for transferring data. It also has a b-type USB port. This Digital single processor with ceiling microphones is highly compatible with your audio and video software. On the whole, you can present your virtual classroom with streamlined audio using this Audio DSP and ceiling microphones.

Interactive Display – Touch sensitive Display for interactive learning

The ultimate aim of online smart classrooms is to present the students with intuitive sessions having more scope for interactions. Peoplelink’s interactive displays work hand in hand with you to provide the best virtual classroom experience for both on-campus and remote students. One such notable recommendation is PeopleLink Interactive Display T86, a 86 inch display with 16:09 aspect ratio and 3840 x 2160 pixels 4k ultra HD resolution.

With these interactive flat panel, you can write using your finger and also with an interactive pen. This stunning display provides up to 10 touchpoints, that is, you can write with your 10 fingers at the same time. Isn’t that great?! Yes, when installed on a virtual classroom, you could call up to 10 students at a time and make them write on the screen.

This interactive touch display operates both on Windows and Android operating systems, which opens the horizon of embedding interactive tools, exclusive editing tools, and various learning software. The lecturer can plan for fun engaging activities with all the student participants and easily connect to any mobile device like Chromebook, laptops, tablets, ipads which is welcome to be used in schools and universities worldwide.

With the lightweight and slim design and minimal bezel design makes it easy for installation on walls and does not protrude much from the wall.

This modern and wide interactive screen plays a vital role in the smart classroom and also in training rooms easily bringing all the participants in unison. Try our PeopleLink Interactive Display T86.

MultiLocation Video Conferencing for Education that works even at Low Bandwidth

When it comes to remote teaching or learning, PeopleLink’s Omnipresence is an apt multi-location video conferencing solution for conducting virtual smart classroom sessions.

Omnipresence FeaturesBenefits/Uses
VideosGet Ultra HD 4K videos
Easy integrationConnects with any remote system with easy integration. Also, deploy at reasonable installation and operational cost
Smart touch-enabled controllerPeopleLink Insta Controller, a smart portable gadget that controls the entire conferencing system in just a single touch – session initiation, virtual classroom AV control, lighting control of the classroom.
Supports up to 16 screens (single or multiple) in houseIn your classroom, you can have up to 16 screens showing remote participants and also supports 16 camera inputs
Get uncompromised video audio quality even at low bandwidthNot all remote students may have access to the high-speed internet; sometimes students would also want to take sessions while travelling. Having this in mind, PeopleLink has designed this solution to work even in low bandwidth internet.
Share data easilyYou could share rich contextual media or data to all your student participants. By this way, you can make them understand the concepts what you are arriving at very easily. Teaching and learning process is quick here.
Transmits multiple video feeds to remote connectorsThe students at remote locations can view the perfect video streaming and transmits multiple videos to the students connected from different part of the world.

All these products and solutions by PeopleLink, serve a great purpose in a smart classroom helping not only the students physically present in the classroom but also those who have connected remotely. PeopleLink’s smart classroom solutions are of great support to the technology-embraced educational systems.

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