Digitally Transforming the Healthcare Sector

Through Video/Audio Enablement

Digitizing healthcare makes for faster communications, effective treatment and ultimately better health outcomes. Healthcare professionals can now extend their reach beyond geographical boundaries and people in rural areas can avail quality healthcare services by connecting virtually.

Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Sector Include:

Disconnect between nurses and physicians

Loss of revenue due to delays in admitting new patients

Delays in discharging existing patients & readmitting chronically ill patients

Increasing travel costs for remote patients

PeopleLink video enabled solutions with content sharing along with audio solutions addresses these challenges by empowering healthcare providers and patients with a more seamless experience.

Use Cases

The Challenge
  • Disconnect between nurses and physicians
  • Delays in discharging existing patients
  • Loss of revenue due to delays in admitting new patients
The Solution
  • PeopleLink’s Pulse enables doctors and nurses to share patient progress and reports instantaneously.
  • This gives doctors the information they need in order to discharge patients at the earliest.
The Outcome
  • Instantaneous communication between doctor and nurse leads to timely patient discharge.
  • Efficient bed management enables quicker admittance of new patients.
  • Ultimately results in increased patient intake.
The Challenge
  • The availability of qualified doctors in remote areas is very scarce
  • Most patients in remote areas are without medical records
  • Burden of cost, time and distance for patients in remote areas
The Solution
  • PeopleLink’s Pulse virtually connects the rural population with medical experts instantly
  • The platform automatically saves diagnoses, test results and prescriptions to create an electronic health repository for each patient

The Outcome

  • Hospitals can now provide basic medical attention to a geographically dispersed patient base
  • Wider reach and a greater number of patients made possible
The Challenge
  • Too many readmissions end up consuming the hospital’s resources
  • To administer timely precautions for patients suffering from chronic diseases
The Solution
  • PeopleLink’s Pulse helps doctors keep track of existing patients
  • Doctors can remotely monitor progress and make room for new patients
  • The virtual platform auto-schedules review sessions with patients
The Outcome
  • Quality healthcare and improved health outcomes
  • Healthcare organizations are able to accommodate new patients faster

Internal Multi-location Meetings

A multi-hospital chain faces the challenge of keeping all branches connected. With institutions set up in different cities, it is a major challenge to host an internal conference at a single location involving the management, senior physicians and nurse staff from all branches.

InstaVC by PeopleLink provides convenience in exchange of information about hospital capabilities, critical findings from research and patient history with key stakeholders, completely eliminating the costs of travel, accommodation, and setting up a physical venue.

Mobile Vans

Administering emergency treatment to accident victims or heart stroke patients in an ambulance is essential for the patient’s survival. In cases where a few seconds can make a big difference, having expert supervision from the very first minute is vital.

A combination of PeopleLink’s Six Channel Inbuilt Video Mixer and InstaVC make it possible for doctors to survey extent of damage and criticality, and supervise ambulatory care while simultaneously monitoring patient vitals directly from the hospital.


Expert guidance from a senior physician during an urgent surgical procedure. Complex procedures may require specialist supervision at a time when a specialist in the concerned field of medicine is unavailable.

PeopleLink’s InstaVC and Six Channel Inbuilt Video Mixer enable the senior physician to supervise the operation from anywhere.The physician can monitor patient vitals, closely view the area being operated, guide the team step-by-step to ensure that the operation is completed successfully.

Rural vHealth Kit

People in rural areas do not have access to quality healthcare. Every check up requires them to travel to the closest city and seek appointments. The cost of travel and accommodation, along with the uncertainty of a timely appointment, is a massive burden to these people.

A combination of PeopleLink’s Telepresence cameras, state-of-the-art video conferencing software, InstaVC, and Digital Signage offers a comprehensive solution that virtually connects patients in rural areas with doctors in cities.

Home Care (Peoplecare for Pre & post operative care)

Enable doctors to remotely monitor a patient’s condition before surgical procedure and follow up afterwards. Doctors are required to ensure patients do the necessary preparations before operation and take the necessary precautions during recovery.

PeopleLink’s Pulse is an online consulting platform enables doctors to have regular checkups with their patients and ensure that they are looking after their health. It auto-schedules review checkups and reminds the doctor beforehand, ensuring they are prepared in time.

Virtual Counseling for Medical tourism

Monitoring progress of foreign patients after treatment, reviewing latest reports, exchange opinion on diagnosis with local specialists and post-operative care after the patient is discharged are some of the challenges faced by local practitioners.

PeopleLink’s Pulse is an online consulting platform that enables doctors to have regular checkups with their patients and ensure that they are looking after their health through a video conference. It auto-schedules review checkups and reminds the doctor beforehand, ensuring that they are prepared in time for the appointment.

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