Video Collaboration Suite

Video Collaboration Suite

InstaVC is video conferencing solution which offers multi-party conferencing with impeccable audio clarity and videos of up to 4K at optimized bandwidths. Through InstaVC, you can collaborate with your team instantly. You can make effective presentations, have productive discussions, and come up with unique ideas to boost your business.


Web Conference
inMeet provides a  highly Secure Multipoint HD Video Conferencing with Advanced Data Collaboration.
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Virtual Clinic
Its a subscription based on cloud consultation solution, select the plan and price to get subscription.
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Web Casting
Impactful & Real time Web audience engagement with PeopleLink Central Recording & Streaming.
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Virtual Classroom
Content management system with online training solution for education and corporate section.
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Video API
inAPI is a cloud based SaaS video API platform, helps you to embed high-quality video calls within your applications.
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Virtual Shopping
inShop is a cloud-based SaaS virtual shopping platform for Retail Stores and Ecommerce, offering virtual in-store experience.
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InstaVC Affiliate Program
inAffiliate is a cloud based SaaS video collaboration affiliate platform, get paid for anticipating your audience’s needs.
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