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    Unmatched Interactivity among various Digital Devices

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    • Metallic Body
    • Interactive Touch Monitor
    • Top Quality Audio System
    • Fully Secured Podium
    • All Required I/O Ports
    • Mini PC Integration
    • Comes with Drawer/Tray/Door
    • Easy-to-Use

    The PeopleLink ePodium changes the situation by using a made-in-place, network-based remote control panel system that presupposes it is perfect for lectures and meetings. Remote device control via network access can be achieved with universal AV and control ports. Because the touchscreen design is automated, AV broadcasting, live streaming, and the customized integration of devices are also supported by this. Ideally, the system is a Touch Interactive Monitor, Computer, Audio System, Document Visualizer, and Projector, where, in real-time, these units can provide sensations of bliss on the dynamic presentation without a sweat.

    e-Podium_Multi-Media Interface Controller

    Multi-Media Interface Controller

    Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling switches and controls during presentations! Our central multimedia controller streamlines the process of managing various functions during presentations. With soft-touch controls for effortless management, you can seamlessly select sources, access extra power, and connect devices via HDMI, USB, USB Type-C, AUX In, and LAN. Plus, power up your screen, projector, PC, laptop, and more without any hassle.

    21.5" Monitor with Hydraulic Lift Function

    The PeopleLink E-Podium cherishes the factor of ease. To centralize, it has a Hydraulic Monitor Lift Function that helps you adjust the 21.5″ touch screen at your convenience. The motorized screen lift helps to maintain the device according to your height.

    peoplelink epodium
    German Made - peoplelink epodium

    German Made Telescopic Slides and Sliding Door

    Sliding doors help to maintain the safety of the touch screen, mouse, and any valuables needed to handle a session. The podium has a unique design with light doors for protection purposes. The sliding doors are also lockable, which prevents unwanted damage to the device. Whereas the slides are made of German Telescopic technology that means the usage is smooth and there is no opportunity of damage like rusting.

    Control External Devices with 7" Touch Screen

    The ePodium has a 7″ touchscreen controller attached to the metallic body frame, which helps control external devices. The screen is connected to every other device available in the room. The Instacontroller brings all the devices, whether it is the projectors, cameras, or lights, under your control within a single click.

    peoplelink epodium
    Types of microphone peoplelink epodium

    Gooseneck, Collar, and Headband Microphones

    The podium is a combination of all-purpose presentation devices. It helps to collaborate by embracing every audio and visual requirement. For the presenters, we have three types of microphones that help their voices be heard clearly by the spectators or audience. The microphones pick up the tiniest voice change, and the output sounds seamless.

    Attend Bigger Crowd with ePodium

    The PeopleLink ePodium can be used in bigger spaces like classrooms, meeting halls and auditoriums. This makes it easier to connect and collaborate with a greater audience presence. It even makes it suitable for connecting all the external devices with the touch screen. The device even has microphones which makes the audio output easier. As in a whole it is the perfect combination for hosting events, classes, presentations and other audio visual activities.

    peoplelink epodium
    cooling fan - peoplelink epodium

    Cooling Fans to Regulate Temperature

    The inbuilt cooling fans are the most iconic part of the PeopleLink podium. This function is uniquely designed to maintain the temperature of your device. It ensures that the machine is not overheated even after long hours of usage. The cooling fans will help to regulate the right temperature for your podium.

    Document Camera Tray

    At the side of the podium, there is a compartment dedicated to serve as the document camera tray. It has the mechanism of a drawer, which means it is easy to pull out and push in as per your usage. In this space, a camera can be adjusted to read and display the documents through the projector. The other purpose of this tray is to store any goods for later usage.

    Document Tray - peoplelink epodium
    Locking System - peoplelink epodium

    Locking System and Assured Safety

    The ePodium acquires safety as a top resolution. It has several locks that help maintain the security of devices and documents. The locks are an excellent addition to assure safety even when the podium is unattended in public areas like classrooms and auditoriums. The body offers Radius edges for safety, ensuring that the host or the passerby doesn’t barge into a corner or get hurt.

    Digital Clock Timer

    Most presenters lose track of time as they speak and reach out to the audience. To keep a check on that, the podium comes with a digital clock that records the time since you begin a presentation. The device is adjusted on the top of the monitor so one can check it occasionally. This even lets the presenter properly utilize their time. Plus, it also allows them to give everyone an equal period of opportunity.

    Digital Clock Timer - peoplelink epodium
    Hdmi Splitter - peoplelink epodium

    HDMI Splitter and Multimedia Controller

    Connect your devices easily to the ePodium through the segregated HDMI splitters and multimedia controller. It is placed on the side for easy navigation and connections. Plug in USB or cables to show your content on the bigger screen through projectors. Apart from that, the PeopleLink podium has a cover for this section to keep it safe and undamaged.

    Smart Podium with Digital SignageEnhance Engagement with Our Cutting-Edge Smart Podium featuring Dynamic Digital Signage

    Revolutionize your presentations with PeopleLink’s innovative smart podium, boasting integrated Digital Signage on its front panel. Seamlessly display captivating digital images, videos, vital information, and real-time data to captivate your audience. Our Digital Signage podium is intuitively designed for effortless operation, eliminating the need for specialized technical skills. Digital signage helps you to display relevant and desired media content to your audience while delivering ideas.

    Digital Signage

    ePodium Models

    ParametersPodium DeltaPodium Delta+Podium UltraPodium Ultra+Podium Elite
    ImagePodium DeltaPodium Delta PlusPodium UltraPodium Ultra PlusPodium Elite
    Keyboard Slider
    Document Camera Tray
    Top Sliding
    Electronic Monitor LiftOptional
    Touch Monitor
    Monitor SizeSurface Plate21.5 inch21.5 inch21.5 inch21.5 inch
    Brightness250 cd/m2250 cd/m2250 cd/m2250 cd/m2
    Digital SignageOptionalOptionalOptional
    Digital Clock
    Multimedia Controller - TOPSurface Plate
    HDMI Splitter - BottomSurface Plate
    Control PadButton PadButton Pad7"in Touch Pad7"in Touch Pad
    AIO DSP 200Watts
    Wireless Microphone1 Lapel + 1 Handheld + 1 Headworn1 Lapel + 1 Handheld + 1 Headworn1 Lapel + 1 Handheld + 1 Headworn
    Speakers2 Wall Mount Speakers2 Wall Mount Speakers2 Wall Mount Speakers
    Gooseneck MicOptional
    InstaController ( RSI-552) ( ARSI-31074)
    Cooling Fans

    Disclaimer: Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.



    Datasheet - Podium Delta Download
    Datasheet - Podium Delta Plus Download
    Datasheet - Podium Ultra Download
    Datasheet - Podium Ultra Plus Download
    Datasheet - Podium Elite Download


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