Digitally Transforming the Education Sector

Through Our Virtual Classroom Software & Solutions

The education sector is undergoing major transformational changes. The learning community is demanding greater ease and access and the management is trying to provide these while controlling costs.

Challenges Faced by the Education Sector Include:

Raising the performance standards of the student population

The technical limitations of staff prevent institutions from adopting new technologies.

Traditional teaching methods limit the scope of learning for students

Teachers cannot offer proper guidance to students outside the physical classroom

PeopleLink Video Enabled Solutions offering rich content sharing with superior quality audio solutions address these challenges by empowering educators and learners to experience exceptional, high-impact learning.

Use Cases

The Challenge
  • Providing consistent educational experiences across multiple campuses
  • Providing students with ready access to content and teaching staff
The Solution
  • PeopleLink’s vLMS, Acumen, enables connectivity, collaboration, sharing, and feedback.
  • PeopleLink’s PTZ iCam series enables effective lecture capture and recording.
The Outcome
  • Deeper understanding of topics, improved student performances.
  • Build institution’s reputation and improve ranking.
The Challenge
  • Teachers and staff reluctant to adopt new technologies.
  • They are used to legacy systems and traditional teaching methods.
The Solution
  • PeopleLink’s vLMS, Acumen, is an intuitive software which is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Teachers and staff can get easily and quickly trained to use Acumen.
The Outcome
  • Teachers have a tool that expands their scope for teaching.
  • Acumen enables them live up to their full potential.
The Challenge
  • Traditional teaching methods rely solely on classroom delivery, use of hard copy books and other content, etc.
  • These limit the reach and scope of learning for students.
  • The problem is exacerbated for educational institutions that have multiple campuses.
The Solution
  • Digital technologies deliver the educational experience online via video and audio.
  • PeopleLink has developed software solutions geared towards enabling digital teaching: Acumen (a vLMS platform), Live ( a webcasting software), and InstaVC (a video conferencing solution).
  • To complement the software, PeopleLink has hardware solutions such as. For e.g., PeopleLink Digital Podium [Insert hyperlink:] is an Integrated Unit which controls the Projector, Video Conference, AV Setup from a single device while PeopleLink Whiteboard Solution [Hyperlink:] is a portable device that can convert any surface into an Interactive board for teachers to offer a comprehensive learning experience to the students.
The Outcome
  • There will be a visible all round improvement in students’ educational performances.
  • The educational institution gains an improved reputation.
The Challenge
  • Educational institutions with multiple campuses and hence students dispersed in remote locations face unique challenges.
  • This issue impacts the learning and career prospects of students.
  • It makes it difficult to provide proper and consistent guidance across campuses.
The Solution
  • PeopleLink recognises this challenge and have developed software and hardware solutions that will enable students to remotely receive, via video and audio solutions, career guidance and counseling.
  • Specifically, our video conferencing solution (Live) and Acumen vLMS have all the necessary tools to do this.
  • Our hardware solution include several products. PeopleLink iVision [Hyperlink:] helps seamlessly connect with PeopleLink Video Applications which makes Live Video Calls easier.
The Outcome
  • The result will be better choices made by students when it comes to choosing the right courses that will contribute to their career advancement in the future.
  • Educators can provide a more streamlined and effective counseling experience to their students.

Internal Multi-location Meetings

An educational institution with multiple campuses faces challenges in keeping all of them connected. A simple and effective video conferencing solution empowers professors in different locations to collaborate via virtual meeting and simultaneously cut-out transit cost.

PeopleLink InstaVC provides just this with a real-life setup that enables faculties to share ideas, exchange data, and ensure that the same standard of teaching is maintained across all campuses. Administrative staff can also use it to ensure university-wide standardization and control of processes and procedures.

CMS & Lecture Capture

Another challenge is to record class lectures for live or later distribution and remote viewing. This necessitates having in place hardware and software that can reliably and cleanly capture such information and stream it.

PeopleLink has the hardware and software to do this. The LT camera, high-end camera control system, automated camera tracking system, and PeopleLink InstaCast all are capable of automating lecture capture. PeopleLink Instacast is a presenter-controlled camera system which incorporates both monitor-based tracking and camera preset tracking.


Geographically dispersed campuses mean that there needs to be a technology solution to enable distance-learning programs with reliable and intuitive online tools that will optimize interaction between students and the teaching staff.

PeopleLink Acumen, a vLMS, and InstaCast, a webcasting software, are ideal solutions for enabling this process. These solutions enable educators to teach, hand out assignments, and support learners who in turn can access courses/assignments online and interact with peers, and have better understanding of the topic through audio/visual methodology.

Virtual Training using vLMS

PeopleLink solves the problem of bridging the gap between educators and learners. The technologies applied transform the traditional brick and mortar classroom into a global learning platform. Students can learn directly from the experts on various topics, ask questions, and collaborate with peers without shifting base.

PeopleLink’s Acumen is a vLMS which is a virtual collaboration platform that makes teaching and learning beyond geographical borders a possibility. Now, students can attend lectures from anywhere, access course materials at their convenience, and work together with their geographically dispersed peers.

Remote Interview

Recruitment is an elaborate process involving multiple rounds of interviews. Interviewees may be remotely located, even offshore, which necessitates the need for travel. This is the case with both new staff members and potential students. As such, what is needed is a technology solution that can manage this process remotely, efficiently, and should also be cost effective.

PeopleLink InstaVC offers the ideal solution for remote recruitments. This video conferencing software in conjunction with PeopleLink hardware creates a platform for conducting remote interviews. This solution eliminates the geographic constraints while also widening the options for recruiters to consider quality candidates wherever they are.

Virtual Counseling

The importance of student counseling cannot be underestimated. The choice of the right course can complement the future career options of the student. The impactfulness of this process can be compromised by the fact that some students are remotely located.

PeopleLink offers solutions that enable remote counseling which can greatly help students and their parent to choose the right courses. Such video interactivity with a remote counselor can be made possible using PeopleLink’s hardware and InstaVC software.

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