Maharastra Police Department

Communication Improvements And Training In Maharashtra Police Department With Secured Data Parameters Using VC Solutions

Business Requirement

Maharashtra Police in an effort towards faster communication and ease up the training process of new recruits with Nagpur and Mumbai being the central training centers, upgrading the skills of officers, knowledge transfer and intelligence sharing of criminals, and both small and large scale meetings within the Police Department, wanted a solution which could solve these challenges and provide virtual connectivity at optimized bandwidths without compromising on the security of data

Solutions Offered by PeopleLink

PeopleLink offered the ideal platform which fulfilled all the requirements desired by the Maharashtra Police.

  • We provided Maharashtra Police a video conferencing solution which worked perfectly well on any operating system. It allowed officials to connect to a video conference through any device like PC, Laptop, tablets, or smartphones.
  • The application was deployed completely on premise making it extremely secure and reliable
  • The software had an added feature of Video-On-Demand through which training sessions could be recorded and played back whenever required.
  • The software also allowed screens and documents to be shared between officials to share inputs, intelligence, and knowledge about suspects and people with criminal record.

Results Achieved By Using PeopleLink

  • The software provided virtual connectivity between 255 Police Training Centers across the state of Maharashtra.
  • It became easy to communicate and collaborate between various branches of the Maharashtra Police throughout the state.
  • Intelligence sharing and knowledge inputs on criminals helped in faster crackdown on antisocial elements.
  • Ad hoc or emergency meetings became possible with just a click of a button to effectively handle sensitive issues.