Punjab University

Learning Made Easier With Video Conferencing Solutions At Panjab University.

Business Requirement

Panjab University for upgrading their training quality and provide education to people across the state was looking for a Learning Management System through which multiple learners could connect easily, collaboration between colleges under the University became easier, had the provision for online meetings, provide training to teachers, and worked perfectly well at optimized bandwidths.

Solutions Offered by PeopleLink

PeopleLink offered a software solution to cater to all the requirements desired by Panjab University.

  • We provided Panjab University a video conferencing solution which worked perfectly well on any operating system at optimized bandwidths. It allowed teachers and students to connect to a video conference through any device like PC, Laptop, tablets, or smartphones.
  • The application had provision for online meetings that could be conducted across all colleges under the university.
  • The software had an added feature of Video-On-Demand through which training sessions could be recorded and played back whenever required.
  • The software had a feature for training for teachers online to upgrade and hone their skills.
  • Virtual Classes through this platform allowed students from across the state to be connected to a centralized location and attend classes.
  • The Learning and Development module helped students improve on their subject and clarify any doubts with their teachers.

Results Achieved By Using PeopleLink

  • 10,000 users registered for online virtual classes and training modules.
  • 40 colleges were connected through this platform to provide virtual connectivity between colleges under Panjab University.
  • Increased the number of students enrolled in the University for higher education.