Best Audio and Video Conferencing Equipment of 2021

With more and more organizations choosing video conferencing over traditional business meetings, choices for audio and video conferencing equipment is also increasing. To ensure that all participants get high quality of audio and video, you need to consider a few basic points when investing on which audio and video conference equipment to choose:

  • A number of people who will be joining the video conference meeting at a single time?
  • Ease of use – plug and play and compatible with existing setups of hardware and software
  • Easy to install and carry around if required
  • Room size, Sound acoustics and lightning brightness of the existing setup
  • Overall Budget, cost of maintenance and upgrades of equipment.

Here are our top picks for the best audio and video conferencing equipment in 2021 coming with more than a decade of collaboration experience

Best audio and video conference equipment for Huddle Room set up

Huddle rooms are an effective way of utilizing small empty spaces by converting them into quick effective business audio and video collaboration rooms.

UVC 100 by PeopleLink – An all in one audio and a video device with digital conference phone integrated with audio and wide-angle HD camera, mainly for small to middle size conference that can seat up to 10 participants. This is an easy to set up plug and play video conference equipment that does not require additional device drivers, just plugin and it is ready for your business meetings. The unmatched HD audio and video quality allow you to get the best of experience.

  • Ultra wide-angle 1080p HD camera to cover upto 10 participants in a huddle meeting room
  • 360-degree full-duplex mic coverage with upto 3 mts audio pickup range
  • Portable and Easy to set up plug and play, with no additional drivers required.
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4k ePTZ Camera with 120 degree FOV Auto Frame Technology

InstaVC 4K Auto Frame facial recognition Camera delivers high definition experience of video conference at an optimized bandwidth. The integrated compact design houses powerful 4K camera and microphone to host High definition video conference.

  • Auto Facial recognition zooms and perfectly frames all meeting participants.
  • Supports 4k@30fps with inbuilt stereo high gain microphones.
  • Inbuilt ePTZ(pan, Tilt and Zoom), comes along with remote to control.
  • Wide-angle field of view of 120 Degree.

Best audio-video equipment for medium-sized Meeting Rooms

PeopleLink Impact Pro endpoint is designed keeping in mind flexible audio, video and content sharing to suit a large range of meeting room sizes. This along with Quadro series of audio conference speakerphones provide you with the best meeting experience.

For a smaller meeting room, you can connect the impact pro video conferencing endpoint to a single display whereas if you have larger setup and want to display your presentations and content on a separate screen and participant video on a separate screen, the same can be done.

Impact Pro

  • HD clarity @ 60fps
  • Full HD PTZ 12x optical zoom
  • Dual display support
  • Inbuilt ability to record meetings(optional)
  • USB support for integration with existing PA systems
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Quadro P audio conference speakerphone is designed for a wide range of conference and meeting rooms

  • 4 bi-directional 360-degree microphone pickup
  • Built-in 4 way conference system
  • LCD display with dial-pad
  • Support for PSTN and GSM networks
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Best audio and video equipment for large conference rooms and Boardrooms

PeopleLink audio and video equipment is designed with keeping flexibility and ease of use in mind for large conference rooms and boardrooms to cover every participant clearly.

With PeopleLink Elite FHD 20X Camera series clear video details are captured in HD. Combine it with PVC 50WS cascade microphone speakers and you get wireless audio set up with inbuilt echo cancellation and noise reduction to clear unwanted background sounds, enabling crystal clear audio during large boardroom video meetings.

  • 20x optical zoom and high-quality in-camera image processing
  • Wide-angle field of view for maximum participant coverage
  • Remote-controlled enabled Pan, Tilt and Zoom functionality
  • True HD 1080p @ 60fps for life-like video processing
  • Minimal cables and wires required for a clean tabletop

Best Conferencing Equipment for Large Training Rooms & Auditoriums

PeopleLink brings large training rooms and auditoriums to lifelike audio and video collaboration. Combined with Interactive Panel displays and Digital ePodiums, Peoplelink delivers amazing learning and collaboration experience to a large audience.

  • Multiple Audio and Video Inputs and outputs for covering a wide range of devices as per customer requirement.
  • Large Interactive Touch Panel Displays and Videowall support
  • Minimal wires and cables for a clean look
  • Digital Podiums with inbuilt Audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for high-quality audio and touch screen for ease of use.
  • Quick and Easy installation

Why PeopleLink will be your best choice ?

Easy to install Plug and Play devices

PeopleLink audio and video equipment adapt to your existing set up without the need for expensive infrastructure changes, to give you the best meeting experience.

Secure and Reliable

PeopleLink ensures the most secure and reliable collaboration platform for our customers with best in class security protocols.

Best Combination of Hardware and Software with a single vendor

PeopleLink offers the best combination of a single user to large meeting room systems to flexible cloud services enabling everyone to be a part of the audio and video conference meetings.

Affordable Pricing to match every budget and requirement

With our custom design solutions, built with more than a decade of collaboration industry experience, we ensure you get the best video meeting, learning and development experience. With our award-winning, industry-leading global standard solutions and products, you get the best out of your web and video conferencing.

Top 5 Points to consider before buying the Best Video Conferencing Equipment for your organization

More and more organizations today are upgrading their business meetings to video conferencing. And there will be instances where you are already using video conference equipment or need to buy new audio or video equipment to match up to your current or changing requirement. Whether your employees and partners are joining their video call from home, laptops at their office, huddle room or boardroom, your equipment should accommodate the different ways in which your teams are going to connect. So what points do you consider before choosing the best video conference equipment for your organization?

 1. Number of Participants and Room size at each location

Will your video meetings be on one on one basis or will there be several people connecting from a single location, like a boardroom? While for a smaller number of people a web camera will be sufficient, but to cover a larger number of people at a single location a wide-angle Pan Tilt Zoom [PTZ] camera will be required. Same thing goes for microphone pick up a range of audio devices which has to be more or less based on the number of people joining the video meeting.

2. Wired or Wirefree set up 

Are you comfortable with a small amount of wiring that will show around your audio and video conference equipment? or do you want a clear wire-free look? Based on your choice you can opt for wired or wireless audio and video conference equipment.

Acoustics and lighting play a major role in the quality of your video conference meeting experience. More sound absorbent and properly lit up your existing set up is the better will be your video conference meeting experience. However, if you have issues with lightning and acoustics quality at your existing setup, then you need to choose the audio equipment with features that include echo cancellation, noise suppression. Also, you should consider microphone gain, where your audio can be pick up even from a larger distance. In such case, audio conference speakerphones like PeopleLink Quadro P is an excellent choice, with microphone pickup range of up to 3mts.

Similarly, if you have lightning constraint then auto-brightness adjustments cameras like PeopleLink i10 will help you get better video quality.

4. Ease of Use and Portability

The audio and video conference equipment that you choose should be easy to install, set up and use. They should be able to integrate with your existing infrastructure and network set up with easy plug and play equipment, without the need of IT department’s assistance every time you have to schedule or attend a video conference meeting. Similarly, audio and video equipment that is portable and compact is easier for users to carry around when they are travelling, as compared to heavy and bulky equipment which will need to stay put at a single installed location only.

5. Affordability 

The audio and video equipment that you choose must fit into your budget. You need to consider the total cost of ownership and any additional service and warranty charge that the equipment may come along with. Will you need to pay extra for installation or regular software and firmware updates? Will the equipment give you a proper return on investment in terms of its expected useful life term. Hence it’s important you find a solution that is robust with minimal maintenance charges in the long run.

Just audio and video solutions can help you get a competitive edge enhancing employee collaboration, accountability and productivity. Well-designed meeting spaces with the right conferencing equipment help you get seamless experience from your audio and video meetings. Visit and discover the best in class technology for your organization.

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